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All Your Questions About Fantasy Football Leagues Answered

All Your Questions About Fantasy Football Leagues Answered

Whether you are a newcomer or an expert, there are always questions that remain unanswered, such as how to play fantasy football, where to play free fantasy football or which fantasy league for football is the best. To help you remove the confusion, we are providing you with as much information as possible here. So, get ready to know it all in order to play a fantasy football league

About Fantasy Football League

In fantasy football, you get to become a Fantasy Football Team Manager who can create his own team of 11 players or 15 players, depending upon the platform. These are real-life players and represent your squad for the season of the game. Over the course of the week, the score of the real-life players will be added or subtracted depending upon the performance of these players in real matches. Your team helps you win cash prizes.

How to Play Fantasy Football- Solo or League?

A fantasy football league can be played solo. As a manager, you will be competing against the other registered managers. However, it is recommended that you play it in a mini-league with your friends or colleagues. These mini leagues can be created privately.

What is the Best Fantasy Football Game?

With so many options available, it is difficult to say which one is the best. So, depending on your interest, commitment and money you want to play with, you may explore all the options. Before directly jumping into a league, make sure you read the reviews and other features of the game.

How Can I Score?

Depending upon fantasy football games, scoring criteria vary. You score with the help of your team. The following actions of the players on your team help you to score:

  • The first and foremost is that the players that you’ve chosen play in real-life matches. The players that earn points for you are those that start the match, not players appearing as substitute players.
  • A player who scores goals earns you points. So, more goals your players score, the more points you accumulate.
  • When your team is in the defending position, then only the goalkeeper and defenders will help you score points. It is called clean sheets.
  • If a player from your team acts as an earning assistant (for instance if a player passes a goal to the player who directly scores a goal), then your fantasy team will be earning some points for the player who acted as an earning assist.
  • Some of the fantasy games also offer additional points for the excellent performance of a player in a real-life match. Therefore, if one of your players is awarded the Man of the Match in a game, your fantasy team gets extra points. It is a random method of scoring.  

How Do I Lose Points?

Again, there are different criteria for losing points, and it varies depending on the game you are playing. Your fantasy team usually loses points for the following:

  • If the players on your team allow the opponent team to score a goal, you lose points in the fantasy game. Similar to clean sheets, it is applicable to goal keepers and defenders.
  • Your fantasy team loses points if your players get a red card or yellow card. It is not a standard rule but some of the games follow this.

How to Create My Team?

Almost every fantasy football league provides you with some money or a budget that you can use for your fantasy team. As a beginner, you may find that the budget is a good amount but as soon as you start selecting players, it starts getting finished up quickly. In most fantasy football games, the costliest players are the forwards, and hence you will lose most of those games that are not having any earning assists.

For beginners, it is advisable that they play free fantasy football games before playing cash games.

How Can I Make Changes in My Squad?

Most of the football fantasy games allow a fixed number of changes in a team or squad. This number varies from game to game. So, when you start playing, make sure you are aware of it as well as of the terms and conditions related to it. If there are lots of opportunities to make changes in the squad, there are chances to take more risks as you can include even a new player in the league.

How Can I Allocate My Budget?

It is difficult to answer it straightforward, but the budget can be divided for three different areas such as Forwards, Midfields and the Defence or Goalkeeper. So, make a rough list of your squad and check the players’ values. It will give you a rough idea of budget allocation. It is important that you pick the must-have players first, followed by other players. Make sure that you invest in all the given three areas to reap the best benefits.

What Are the Most Important Points to Consider?

Scoring criteria: Figure out the scoring system of the fantasy league for football game you are about to play.

Number of changes: Check out the number of changes you can make in your team. Also, get to know when these changes can be made and if there are any restrictions.

Budget allocation: Estimate the budget for creating your own team. Make sure that you spend that budget in all of those three areas. Shortlist the players and check their values.

Risky affairs: In case you have clearly taken a risk with 1 or 2 players, be ready with a back-up plan and that you can implement with the minimum number of changes.

If you need more information about fantasy football or want to express your opinion about which fantasy football league is best, do let us know in comments.

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