Why is 2020 the year of esports in India?

Why is 2020 the year of esports in India?

The digital revolution resulted in a multitude of cultural experiences undergoing an online metamorphosis. The internet has transformed from a luxury to a necessity today. It has penetrated every element of our social fabric and changed it to an extent where we don’t even remember how we lived our lives before it. This revolution has evolved our traditional ideas into exciting and innovative forms and e-sports is an embodiment of one such idea! 

For the uninitiated, e-sports is professional competitive video gaming. Often held in the form of video game competitions, these events test the participants' skills in different games. Some most popular games are League of Legends, Call of Duty, DOTA, etc.

With its massive population and hundreds of millions of potential gamers, India as an esports market is brimming with potential. As the internet and mobile adoption is increasing in India, several companies have identified the potential that a massively populated country holds for e-sports, both talent market and revenue streams. The 1.3 billion population holds massive potential not only because of its volume but because of its median age of 28, compared to 38 in America. 

The projected revenue for e-sports for the year 2020 was $2.4 billion. The global pandemic took everyone by surprise and hit several industries but not e-sports. Competitive gaming has increased exponentially since the lockdown was announced across multiple countries.

Games like PubG and Freefire, which took the Indian gaming industry by storm a few years ago, are reporting tremendous growth during this pandemic. Emerging gaming platforms like gamesofgully.com are regularly hosting tournaments where players can win cash rewards. The younger generation (millennials & Gen-Z) is converting video gaming into a viable profession, transforming gaming in India. People are minting money not just through professional video gaming but also through video game streaming.

If we look back a little further, before PubG hit the ground running, fantasy sports and skill-based card games were the flag bearers for skill gaming in India. One can argue that it was fantasy sports and skill-based online card games that planted the seed for the growth of esports in India. 

Popular online fantasy sports apps like Howzat and skill-based online card games like Junglee Rummy have been entertaining the Indian audience and helping them to win cash at the same time. Sports fans, especially cricket fans, have been playing fantasy cricket on Howzat for many years. Howzat’s easy-to-understand user interface and fun gameplay have had them hooked. The rise of esports will surely be a boon for the fantasy sports industry. It will enhance the industry’s image as a legitimate source of entertainment and winning cash.

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