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India’s Favorite Online Fantasy Cricket Is Finally Here: It’s Game On!

Fantasy sports is emerging as the next big thing as the game has been rising in popularity fast. What started as a very small part of the overall gaming market is today a multibillion-dollar industry in itself. As a matter of fact, fantasy cricket is fast gaining traction in the country as well.

What is Fantasy Cricket?
With the Cricket World Cup knocking on our door, fantasy gaming offers a platform where cricket fans from all over India can select their virtual teams and compete against others’ teams online using their knowledge of cricket and lead their teams to victory.

Play fantasy cricket on Howzat

Players get to choose their teams from among real-life players playing on the field and play online matches running in sync with the real-time events on the ground. They can track live cricket scores to come up with the best strategies to win.

What’s even more exciting is the fact that team ratings are calculated on the basis of the actual performance of players in real-time matches taking place on the ground.

How to play?

To select your team and participate, all you need to do is download the fantasy cricket app and sign in, after which you join a match you are interested to participate in. Once you have you joined, you need to follow the simple steps below:
Choose your players from the roster of both the participating teams using your knowledge of cricket, keeping in mind which players you think will perform the best. Once you are done with the selection process, keep track of your players’ performance by watching the real-time cricket match being played on the ground to determine your ranking.
You will score points depending on the on-field performance of the players you have chosen.

How do I know it’s unbiased?

Howzat is an absolutely transparent fantasy sports platform where the outcome of games only depends on players’ knowledge of cricket and the performance of their teams on the ground. You choose your teams, and only you and your players determine the outcome of the game as the players in your team decide your ranking.
Every user is allotted an equal number of credits to ensure fair play, and everyone gets equal opportunities regardless of their experience level.
India is going through a phase of transformation where the popularity of fantasy sports is on the rise. In a country where cricket is religion, Howzat offers a great platform where users can come and experience the next-level of fantasy cricket action.
So, are you ready for the big battle? Then it’s time to put your skills to the test!

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