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The bundesliga quiz

The bundesliga quiz

We can hardly believe it but after a long, long wait, European football returns this Friday when the Bundesliga resumes behind closed doors.

Whether you’re a German football aficionado or looking for a new outlet for your energy, it’s time to test your knowledge in our special Bundesliga quiz.

Bundesliga matches will go live on Howzat from 16th May onwards! If you’re a fantasy football fan and love winning cash, download the Howzat app and start creating your team!
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The Bundesliga Quiz

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Which of the following teams has a live goat as its mascot?

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What is the average attendance at B. Dortmund’s home game?

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How many times has B. Munich won the German league title?

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Which is Germany’s second-most successful domestic football team?

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Which of these clubs installed cardboard cut-outs of its fans to fill the stadium seats when the fans were not allowed to attend matches due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

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