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The Impact of Indian T20 League Postponement on Fantasy Sports

The Impact of Indian T20 League Postponement on Fantasy Sports

The Indian T20 league 2019 saw over 462 million people glued to their screens to witness the spectacle, as per the official report released by BARC. This number has been increasing year on year and was expected to grow even further in 2020, after an exciting auction in December 2019. Fantasy sports apps had seen 3X growth in the number of users in the last edition of the Indian T20 league. Each app had planned millions worth of investment for their marketing plans and was ready to make the most of this mega event, the biggest since the 2019 World Cup in July last year. 

But much like every other industry, the sports industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Major sports leagues and tournaments across the globe have been either cancelled or postponed. This list includes the 13th edition of the Indian T20 league, which was earlier postponed to 15th April and has now been postponed indefinitely. 

Although it was the right decision to postpone the tournament amidst this crisis, cricket lovers are left feeling anxious and disheartened. They had been waiting eagerly to see their favourite players and teams in action and experience the excitement again. Fantasy sports apps, shaken as they are due to the disturbance in their plans and expected revenue, are trying their best to engage and entertain their users during these trying times.

Here are some innovative initiatives by fantasy sports apps:

  • Fantasy Sports Contests Based on Old Matches: Users can relive the excitement of cricket matches from the past and play fantasy sports contests based on them. Users are given a few hints to identify the matches and select their best teams to win the contests. Howzat, India’s most trusted fantasy sports app, is running Recall Fantasy contests twice a day to keep its users entertained.

  • Quizzes: Another fun and entertaining way to keep users engaged is through quizzes. Lots of fantasy sports apps are running quizzes on a variety of topics that are of interest to sports lovers. One can take multiple quizzes uploaded on the Howzat blog and share it with their friends to see who’s the ultimate sports guru!

While these measures will certainly keep fantasy sports lovers entertained, we hope that we see the end of this pandemic soon so that we can see our favourite stars back in the action on the field. If you haven’t downloaded Howzat yet, click here to download Howzat, the best fantasy sports app for cricket lovers!   

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