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The Toughest Indian T20 League Quiz- 2

The Toughest Indian T20 League Quiz- 2

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the Indian T20 league amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Indian cricket fans are still hoping for a miracle so that they can see their favorite teams in action soon. For those who wish to test their knowledge of the Indian T20 league, Howzat brings the toughest quiz on the Indian T20 League- Edition 2. Think you did well in the first one? This one is even tougher! Cricket fanatics will also get a chance to win huge cash prizes if they play the fantasy cricket game on the best fantasy cricket app, Howzat. Howzat has a website too, where you can play fantasy cricket and other fantasy sports. Reputed as one of the most reliable fantasy cricket websites, this top fantasy cricket site allows you to play fantasy sports and win cash.

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the game.

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The Toughest Indian T20 League Quiz- 2

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Which cricketer has been part of the most title-winning teams in the Indian T20 league?

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How many overseas (foreign) captains have led their teams to wins in the Indian T20 league?

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Which bowler has bowled the most number of dot balls in the Indian T20 league?

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How many teams has Parthiv P. played for?

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In which stadium (city) did Kolkata win their first Indian T20 league title?

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