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The Toughest Indian T20 League Quiz- 5

The Toughest Indian T20 League Quiz- 5

We are back with another edition of the Toughest Indian T20 League Quiz. We have been going easy on you so far, but this one is a tough nut to crack! Do you have it in you to get all the answers correct? Only time will tell.

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The Toughest Indian T20 League Quiz- 5

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It is well known that after the suspension of Chennai and Rajasthan teams, the players from these teams were selected by the newly formed franchises Gujarat and Pune. Pune had the first pick and chose M. S. Dhoni; Gujarat had the second pick and chose S Raina. Who was the third pick, chosen by Pune?

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V Kohli scored his first Indian T20 league hundred in a match against Gujarat at Rajkot. With whom did he have a 121-run undefeated partnership in the process?

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Who scored the fastest fifty of the 2017 Indian T20 league in a match against the Bangalore team? Scored off just 15 balls, this is the joint second-fastest fifty in the history of the Indian T20 league.

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In a pulsating opening game of the 2018 Indian T20 league, Chennai made a roaring comeback with a come-from-behind win against Mumbai. K Jadhav played a key role in the final over, scoring a six and a four off which bowler?

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Who made the headlines as the youngest cricketer to play in the Indian T20 league when he appeared for Bangalore in a match against Hyderabad (where J Bairstow made 114)?

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