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Top Cricket Video Games You Can Play 

Top Cricket Video Games You Can Play 

India is facing its toughest challenge ever with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. The best way to battle is to stay put in our homes but with sports taking a backseat in these tense times, cricket lovers are left wondering about how they can keep themselves entertained. Don’t you worry because we have done our research and put together a list of cricket video games that will keep you entertained during these challenging times.

Casual Mobile: Stick Cricket

For players who are looking for a casual cricketing experience that is easy to learn and super fun to play, stick cricket is the game. This game offers simple controls where players can only bat and achieve the allotted target. The player can hit the ball on either the on side or the offside, nowhere else. Try this game now for hours of cricket gaming fun.

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Sports Mobile: World Cricket Championship 2 / Real Cricket 20

Players who are looking for a more authentic experience on their mobile screens should definitely try out either of these games. The games are known for pushing the boundaries with cutting-edge graphics and providing innovative features in every update. Who would’ve thought a feature like DRS would be available on a mobile cricketing game? Try these games out now.

PC Classic: Cricket 07

At a time when the sports gaming industry was booming with superhit titles like FIFA for football and NBA for basketball, cricket as a video game genre was still struggling. There weren’t many titles that had a mass appeal similar to that of FIFA or NBA. Cricket games were often bashed by critics who said they had boring and monotonous gameplay. All that changed with the arrival of Cricket 07, which provided excellent graphics and exhilarating gameplay. This one is a must for all cricket lovers and should easily run on any modern-day desktop/laptop.

Current Gen PC / PS4 / XBOX One: Cricket 19

For avid gamers with the best-in-class systems to play the latest video games, Cricket 19 is the perfect game. Released last year, it is one of the most advanced and technically nuanced cricket video games out there. The AI and atmosphere have been drastically improved to give you a much more realistic feel. This one is a must-try for all cricket lovers.

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