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We got you covered!

We got you covered!

The world is feeling the threat of COVID-19. The outbreak of the highly infectious disease has forced countries to shut borders and issue quarantine orders to curb the spread of the fatal virus. Governments are advising people to avoid mass gatherings and observe social distancing.

Sports leagues and tournaments across the world are also following suit with the majority of the sporting events being either cancelled or postponed. The first two weeks of March saw multiple athletes from different sports testing positive for the infection. Popular footballers like Rugani and Hudson Odoi tested positive and immediate meetings were called to take strict measures to avoid further spread of the disease.

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Here is a list of tournaments/leagues that have been postponed/cancelled because of the spread of the novel coronavirus:


  • Indian T20 League 2020: Postponed to 15th April
  • South Africa’s tour of India: Canceled
  • New Zealand tour of Australia: Postponed
  • Pakistan T20 League: Postponed
  • South Africa Momentum Cup: Canceled
  • England’s tour of Sri Lanka: Postponed
  • Over-50s World Cup: Canceled
  • Bangladesh tour of Pakistan: Postponed
  • Netherlands tour of Namibia: Canceled


  • English League: Postponed
  • Spanish League: Postponed
  • Italian League: Postponed
  • German League: Postponed
  • French League: Postponed
  • Euro Club Leagues: Postponed

These are just a few of the tournaments that have been either postponed or cancelled. We are closely monitoring the status of matches that are live on Howzat to ensure that you stay updated on any changes and can act accordingly.

Our Fair Play Policy ensures that you receive the full refund of your entry fee for any matches that get cancelled or postponed. You can continue enjoying the matches that are still live and available. 

Please feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected] if you have any queries or concerns. We are always happy to help!  

We at Howzat are committed to providing you with the best fantasy gaming experience, with our teams working 24×7 from quarantined offices and homes. We hope you stay safe at home as well, and our fantasy sports app helps you to have high-quality entertainment.

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