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What is the ODI Super League?

What is the ODI Super League?

International cricket’s governing body formally announced the introduction of an ODI Super League consisting of 13 teams in July this year. The tournament will serve the purpose of determining teams for the 2023 ODI World Cup, which is scheduled to take place in India. The tournament is very similar to the Test Championship, which will conclude in 2021. While the Test Championship will have its final next year, the ODI Super League will pave way for 7 teams to qualify for the next ODI World Cup.

Format: Out of the 13 teams that are going to participate in the tournament, every team will play a total of 8 series – four home series and four away series – for determining the top 7 teams. Each series will have at least three matches (24 matches in total). Depending on the cricket boards of the two participating teams in each series, the number of matches could be increased, though it isn’t necessary that all the matches of the series will be a part of the Super League.

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Participating Teams: The 13 teams that will participate in the ODI Super League are India, Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Ireland, Pakistan, and the Netherlands.

Tournament Schedule: The ODI Super League marked its beginning on July 30, 2020, when England played Ireland at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Southampton. The England vs. Ireland series had three ODI matches on July 30, August 01, and August 04. England emerged victorious in the series, recording 2 wins. The full schedule is yet to be finalized.

Point System: Every series will have a maximum of 30 points at stake: 10 points for a win, 0 for a loss, and 5 each in case of a tie or no result. In the end, the top 7 teams with the most points will directly qualify for the 2023 World Cup, while the remaining teams will get an opportunity to make it to the World Cup through a separate qualifying tournament. India has already qualified for the 2023 ODI World Cup since it is the host of the tournament.

Rules: An additional feature has been introduced by the cricket council. It will come into being with the start of the ODI Super League. From now on, the front-foot no-balls of the bowlers will be given by the TV umpires and not the on-field umpire. Other than that, every team will get two DRS calls in each innings.

The move has been taken in a bid to add a more competitive edge and drive to the 50-over format, which is gradually losing popularity because of the emergence of T20 cricket. The cricket council will decide which series will be a part of the ODI Super League and which will not.

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