How to Play Howzat Fantasy Football?


Howzat is one of India’s most popular fantasy sports platforms, where more than 1.5 million players play fantasy sports regularly. Howzat is a game of strategy in which your success depends on your knowledge of the sports and the decisions you make to select your own team. Pick your team of real players and challenge players from all over the world to fantasy games of Cricket, Football, and Kabaddi. Based on the performance of your team in real-life matches, your team scores points. So the more skilled the players on your team, the more the chances of your team’s victory.

Get Started in 5 Easy Steps

1. Select a Match

Select a match from the upcoming football league matches or the matches going to start.

2. Create Your Team

Use your knowledge of the game to create your own fantasy Football team and show off your skills to millions of players.

3. Join Contests

We have a lot of contests running on our platform, and you can choose to join any of the free or cash contests running on Howzat to compete for huge cash prizes.

4. Follow the match

Closely follow the ongoing match to keep a track of your constantly updated fantasy scorecard.

5. Withdraw your winnings

You can instantly withdraw your winnings from your Howzat account (One Time Verification required). You need to provide us with the OTP for us to process your withdrawal request.

Create a Team

Step 1: Select a Match

Choose from the matches on the list of ongoing and upcoming football matches and hit the “Create Team” button to create your premier league fantasy football team.

Step 2: Create Your Team

Select players of all the following 4 categories on your fantasy Football team:

  • GK - Goal-keeper
  • DEF - Defender
  • MID - Mid-Fielder
  • ST - Striker
  • Keep an eye on:

  • Number of players added to your team
  • Available credits
  • The deadline for team submission.

Step 3: Select Your Howzat Team’s Captain and Vice Captain

After creating your Football team, choose a Captain and a Vice Captain for the team. The Captain earns 2x and the Vice Captain 1.5x the points as other players for the same performance.

Step 4: Creating Multiple Teamss

You can create up to 6 teams per match and choose to join contests with any of the teams created!

Click on “CREATE TEAM *” to create another team.

Managing Your Team

You are free to make as many changes to your team as you like before you hit the deadline for the final team submission.

- You can also change your team’s Captain & Vice Captain before the submission deadline ends.

- Keep your team updated at all times.

Account Balance

You can view your account, withdraw money or deposit money into your Howzat account anytime by going to the “My Account” section. You will need to go through a One Time Account Verification process before withdrawing any money from your Howzat account.

The money in your Howzat account is divided into 3 parts:

Unutilized: Any deposited amount that has not been utilized for joining any contest on the Howzat platform is saved in this sub-account.

Winnings: Any amount that you have won in cash contests is saved in this sub-account. You can withdraw this amount any time without having to pay any processing fee.

Cash Bonus: We give players cash bonuses from time to time, and all cash bonuses given by Howzat are saved in this sub-account. However, this amount is non-withdrawable and you can only use this amount to join cash contests. Cash bonuses have an expiry date, so make sure you use this free amount before it expires.


What is Howzat?

Howzat is India’s most popular fantasy sports platform, with more than 1.5 million players playing fantasy football league on the platform regularly.

How do I register?

Registering with Howzat is simple: all you need to register on the platform is a valid email address. Create a Howzat account by using your email address and setting a password. You can also use your Google or Facebook account to register. Once you have completed the registration process, go through our detailed How to Play section to understand how you can join and play contests on Howzat.

Why can’t I login to my Howzat account?

Please check whether your registered email address and password are entered correctly and try logging in again. If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot Password,” enter your registered email address and we will send you a link within a few minutes to reset your password! If you have forgotten your registered email address, reach out to us at