Extra Cover

Captain Cover

If your C scores less than 20 total points



V-Captain Cover

If your VC scores less than 15 total points



How Does Extra Cover Work?

Create a team & Join today’s T20 league Guaranteed Contest

Buy a Cover for your Captain & Vice-Captain.

Get ₹50 Instant Cash: If you lose & both your Captain & Vice Captain do not meet the respective number of fantasy points.

Get ₹25 Instant Cash: If you lose & your Captain’s score is less than 20 points (including 2x multiplier)

Get ₹25 Instant Cash: If you lose & your V-Captain’s score is less than 15 points (including 1.5x multiplier)

*You can only buy Extra Cover for the 1st team with which you join today’s Indian T20 League Guaranteed Contest.

Frequently Asked Question’s

When will I get Cashback?

Cashback will be credited within 24 hours after the guaranteed contest winners are announced.

What happens if I don’t have enough deposit balance?

If your deposit balance is low, you will have to add cash to your account to buy extra cover.

How many teams can I buy a cover for?

You can only buy Extra Cover for the 1st team you join today’s Guaranteed contest with.

How many matches will the Extra Cover be valid for?

Extra Cover is valid for only one match at a time. You must buy cover again for the next days match.

What happens when a match is abandoned?

If a match is abandoned, we will refund the fee you paid to buy extra cover.

What happens if I have a backup or substitute player as my captain or v-captain?

If your backup or substitute players end up playing, extra coverage will apply, and you will benefit if your C/VC does not perform well.

What if I switch my Captain or V-Captain after purchasing the Extra Cover?

Extra Cover will be automatically applied to for your newly selected C or VC

Terms & Conditions

  • Extra Cover is only available for the Indian T20 League Guaranteed Contest of the day that starts at 7:30 PM.
  • Extra Cover will only be valid for the 1st Team you enter for the Guaranteed contest.
  • You will be eligible for Cashback if your team loses and -
    • Your Captain scores less than 20 points (including the 2x multiplier)
    • Your V-Captain scores less than 15 points (including the 1.5x multiplier)
  • Extra Cover is only applicable for your Captain and V-Captain (in case your C and VC do not play, then it will be applicable to your Backup/substitute Captain and V-Captain.)
  • The Instant cash will be credited to your Howzat wallet within 24 hours after the winners are announced.
  • You can have only one account to play online fantasy sports on Howzat. If multiple accounts in your name are detected, all your accounts will be deactivated.
  • All standard Howzat terms and conditions apply.
  • The decision of Howzat management shall be final and bindingin case of any dispute.