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Poker is one of the most popular card games globally. The objective of a poker game is simple. Win the money on the table, known as the pot, which contains all the bets made by the players playing that hand or deal. There are many different variants of poker games worldwide and with different rules.

Online poker has been responsible for the increasing popularity of card games in India, and more players joining the poker craze. If you’re learning how to play poker, this guide will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

What is Poker?

Poker game is a popular card game for two or more people in which players wagers a certain amount on the cards (in the form of poker chips) and hope that he has the best hand compared to the other players. It is a delightful and entertaining game. You need poker gaming skills and sharp observation to succeed in a poker game online.

Texas Hold'em Poker, Omaha Poker, and Open-face Chinese Poker are the most popular poker games online. On Howzat, you can play exciting Hold'em Poker and No Limit Omaha with thousands of real players 24X7.

Poker Game Rules

Let's take a look at the standard poker game rules. These rules will help you understand poker hand rankings.

  • There are 52 cards and 4 suits – spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds – in a standard deck of cards. All suits have the same value cards.
  • The rankings of cards from high to low are as follows: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.
  • In Texas Hold 'em Poker (one of the most widely played poker variants), each player is dealt 2 private cards, also called hole cards.
  • Five cards, called community cards, are dealt on the table in 3 rounds (Flop, Turn, River). These can be used by every player in the game.
  • Each player tries to form the best combination of 5 cards, which is called a hand.
  • To win, the player needs to have the best poker hand (highest-ranking) at the table.

Online Poker Variants

There are different variants of poker available on Howzat, but the one thing they all have in common is that you have to use your top 5 cards to make your hand.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker variant. Most poker players, both amateurs and experts, are well familiar with the No Limit Texas Hold'em poker variant.

To begin with, each player is dealt two hole cards. Five community cards are dealt on the table in three stages. The dealing of the first three cards is known as the “flop.” Dealing the 4th card is known as the “turn”, and the final card placed is known as the “river.” Players can call, raise, or fold at any point during the hand.

As the name suggests, community cards are for all players to use to make the best poker hand possible. After the final round of betting is done, all remaining players in the game must reveal their cards. The player with the best 5-card poker hand (any combination of their 2 hole cards and any 3 of the 5 community cards) wins.

Pot Limit Omaha

In many ways, the Pot Limit Omaha poker game is comparable to Texas Hold'em, making it a great poker version for players. Let's go through the rules of Pot Limit Omaha Poker:

  • Instead of the 2 hole cards, there are 4 hole cards.
  • To form a hand, players must always use only 2 of their hole cards.
  • Omaha is a pot-limit game, which means that the amount of the pot dictates the maximum bet limit.
  • The same poker rankings for cards are used in Omaha as in No-Limit Texas Hold'em.

Open-face Chinese Poker

Open-face Chinese poker differs from other poker variations as it does not follow any of the standard poker game rules. Each player is handed 13 cards and they must divide them into three hands of varying strength: (1) their best 5-card hand, (2) second-best hand of 5 cards, and (3) weakest hand of 3 cards. Following that, players reveal their best, second-best and weakest hands poker order.

Apart from these three, the other famous poker game variations are: 7-Card Stud Poker, 5-Card Draw Poker, Short Deck Poker, and Follow the Queen Poker.

How to Play Online Poker on Howzat

To play an online poker game well, it is important to know how to play poker smartly, the basic rules and the poker rankings. Soon after the hole cards are dealt, the rules of the poker game require that each player make an initial bet, called “blinds,” to start off the round. Players take turns to place their bets with all 5 community cards being dealt on the table. After the final round of betting, the player with the best poker hand wins.

At Howzat Poker, we strive to create a poker platform that appeals to all kinds of poker players. Our aim is to provide a safe and secure environment where everyone can play their favorite poker game without any worries. Join the game today and enjoy the best possible poker experience!

How to Download Poker App on Mobile

Downloading a poker app on your mobile device is a breeze! Howzat allows you to download its fantastic mobile app onto your smartphone. Android users can download and install the apk directly from the Howzat website. Here are the steps to download the poker app onto your mobile:

For Poker APK

Users can download the Howzat poker apk onto their mobiles by following these steps:

  • Visit the Website “”.
  • Enter your mobile number in the box and click the “Get App Link” button. You will receive an SMS that contains the APK for Howzat app.
  • Open and Install the Howzat apk file (ignore the warning message as it is 100% safe).
  • Once the app is installed, tap “Open” to start playing poker on Howzat.

For iOS Store

To play poker on your Iphone device, follow these steps:

  • Go to iOS Store, type “Howzat” in the search bar and search.
  • Tap the “Howzat Game” app and tap “Install.”
  • After installing, tap “Open” to begin your poker journey on Howzat.

Why to Play Poker Online For Real Money on Howzat

Howzat is a platform trusted by more than 4 Crore players from across India. At Howzat Poker, we strive to create a poker platform that appeals to all kinds of poker players. Our aim is to provide a safe and secure environment where everyone can play their favorite poker game without any worries. Join the game today and enjoy the best possible poker experience!

Safe & Secure Gaming

Howzat provides a 100% secure gaming environment for the safest online poker experience. It keeps all your personal information entirely confidential.

Latest Technology & Innovative Features

Howzat uses the latest technology and innovative features for users to play poker online. Explore the multiple poker variants which ensure fair and equal winning opportunities.

No Bots & 24X7 Availability of Players

On Howzat Poker, you play with only real poker players. No bots are allowed on the platform. Also, online players are available at all times to play against.

Free & Cash Games

Play free practice games to sharpen your poker skills and participate in poker cash games online. Howzat offers the biggest online poker tournaments to win big cash prizes.

Exclusive Offers & Bonuses

Howzat gives players a lot of exclusive offers and bonuses. Use exclusive promo codes and get fantastic bonuses, cashback, and other benefits.

24x7 Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support team works 24x7 to provide quick support and resolve players’ queries quickly.


How to play poker game online?
Knowing poker rules and hand rankings is essential to play an online poker game. Two hole cards are dealt to every player, and 5 community cards open on the table in rounds. Each round begins with a wager, and after the final round, the player with the best poker hand wins.
Is playing poker legal in India?
Poker is legal in India. Online or live poker is declared a game of skill; therefore, law enforcement cannot disrupt or interfere in any poker games you play.
Where can I play real cash poker games?
You can play real cash poker games on the Howzat App. For Android users, download the Howzat apk on Android, and for iPhone users, install the Howzat App from the App Store.
Why is Howzat poker the best?
Howzat provides the best online poker experience and is liked by all kinds of poker players. It uses the latest technology & innovative features, no bots, availability of players 24X7, offers & bonuses, and multiple free & cash games options.
Is playing poker online on the Howzat platform safe?
Howzat’s aim is to provide a 100% safe and secure environment for everyone to play online poker without any worries.

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