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Why Howzat Cricket?

How to Play?
1. Select a Match

Select an upcoming match of your choice

2. Create your own team

Use your sports knowledge and check players stats on the platform to create a team using 100 credits

3. Join Free & Cash Contests

Participate in Cash or Practice Contests. *Special contest for fresh registrations where you can enter for free yet qualify to win cash.

Enjoy Action-packed Fantasy Cricket on Howzat

Do you love cricket but don’t get the time to enjoy the game? Howzat is the platform where people like you play the game online. With Howzat, you can play in the fantasy cricket league on your computer or smartphone anytime, anywhere. Select players to form a cricket team of your own and play fantasy cricket every day!

Committed to providing you with the most thrilling gaming experience, Howzat brings fantasy sports to your computer and mobile device. Register on for free, choose a game, create your own team and play fantasy cricket daily to win huge cash prizes. Join Howzat now and enjoy nail-biting games.

Fantasy cricket not only develops your various skills like decision-making, estimation, focus, etc. but also helps you win real cash prizes! We provide you with an absolutely safe and secure gaming platform to play fantasy sports on whenever and wherever you like. Join India’s most trusted online fantasy cricket platform right now and engage in some great cricket action and enjoy the thrill of fantasy cricket.

What’s Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is an online game where each user selects their own team of 11 players, by choosing players from 25 to 30 players. As the real game progresses, users (fantasy team owners) get points for the real-match performance of the players’ on their teams. Points are awarded on the basis of runs scored, and wickets and catches taken by the players.

There are different fantasy cricket types and formats on Howzat to choose from. Users can select the format they love and enjoy a round of fantasy sports on the device of their choice. There are two main types of fantasy cricket games on Howzat: free fantasy games and paid games.

Want to join a fantasy cricket game? Just register on Howzat for free, join a match and select your team of eleven players, including batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders and a wicket-keeper. Also, select a Captain and a Vice-captain for your team. Select the Captain and Vice-captain wisely as their performance has more weightage than the other players’ performance.

What Makes Fantasy Games Popular?

We are a cricket-crazy nation, aren’t we? As a cricket fan, you will simply love fantasy cricket on Howzat. Fantasy games not only let you use your knowledge of sports, but also improve your skills as you use strategies to select your own best teams. And, when you select the best team in a fantasy game like cricket, you also win big cash prizes.

Here are some of the things that make fantasy cricket so popular:

  • Your Own Best Team: Fantasy cricket gives you the power to select a team of your own liking. You choose your own cricket team and enjoy seeing it win matches. So, you don’t have to worry about the performance of the actual team playing on the ground in which you usually don’t like some players.
  • Nail-biting Matches: Howzat fantasy cricket matches are packed with actions and nail-biting moments. You get a feeling like you are playing every match with the team. The Howzat scoring system has been designed to make games most thrilling.
  • Huge Cash Prizes: Who doesn’t love easy money? Playing fantasy cricket is one of the most productive ways to spend your time. When you play fantasy cricket and win cash daily, you not only get the thrill but also a sense of fulfillment. You can win huge cash prizes every day on Howzat. To sharpen your gaming skills, you can always check our fantasy cricket tips and become an expert in this fantastic game.

Excited to play and win cash? Well, who wouldn’t be? Fantasy cricket matches are very easy to get started with, especially for cricket lover Indians. Just register on Howzat, select a game and team of your own choice and start playing wherever you are. It’s the smartest way to enjoy something you love and win cash while doing that!

You can play fantasy cricket right away. Register on Howzat and pick a fantasy league that is open. Every match you choose will allow you to play on the basis of multiple factors like the match result, the best bowler, the best batsman, etc. You score points as the game progresses. Your knowledge of the real game of cricket and real cricket players will play the most important role in making you the winner. So join Howzat to play rip-roaring fantasy cricket and win cash daily by putting your knowledge of cricket to use.

You can also invite your friends to our platform and earn big referral bonuses. Make big cash this cricket season while enjoying the thrill of the game.

Thrilling Fantasy Cricket on Howzat

Fantasy cricket on Howzat is nail-bitingly competitive and rip-roaring. For player selection, you are in the Chief Selector’s seat. Just download the fantasy cricket app and you can get started immediately. Though fantasy cricket has evolved over time, the basic game remains the same. You select your team, wait for the cricket game to start and then enjoy watching and scoring points, and if things go your way, winning huge cash. Of course, the games become more and more nail-biting as the statistics come in!

Howzat is an interactive fantasy cricket platform that gives you the feeling of playing cricket on the ground. And all that in the comfort of your home or wherever you may be. If you love cricket, now you can enjoy this super popular game any time on Howzat. Any cricket lover will fall in love with the smooth gameplay and stirring matches on Howzat.

You can start playing action-packed cricket matches right now even if you have never done that before. Just go through our “How to Play Fantasy Cricket on Howzat?” and play to get your first fantasy cricket experience. Once you get familiar with the user-friendly platform, you can play fantasy cricket and win cash daily on Howzat. So why delay winning cash? Download the Howzat app right now and play.

Unmatched Features of Howzat

What makes Howzat different is how we make online fantasy cricket most competitive and charged. Our unique scoring system lends great thrill and excitement to the game. When joining a game, you have the option to join free or cash fantasy cricket games. The interface is super smooth and graphic and the detailed lobby makes it easy for players to get all the information quickly.

Create your account on Howzat now and start playing exciting matches. Registering on Howzat is very simple and you can log in with your Google or Facebook account, or create a new account. All the transactions on our platform are 100% safe and secure and the cash prize won is automatically transferred to your account online. On Howzat, you just need to select the best team, and if you succeed in doing that, the money is yours.

Playing Fantasy Cricket Is Absolutely Safe and Legal

Utilize your cricket experience and knowledge to make money in the most secure and perfectly legal way. Daily fantasy cricket on Howzat is absolutely legal to play in India. Whether you select our free cricket games or you want to play cricket and win cash prizes, you can do that without worrying about anything whatsoever. All the payment gateways and online transactions on Howzat are absolutely safe and secure, and the winning amount is transferred to your account automatically. Fantasy cricket is a skill-based game, and it is 100% legal to play skill games for free or with cash in India.

Enjoy the most charged cricket matches on the best fantasy cricket platform of india. Download our app or simply register on our website and start playing in the fantasy cricket league to win big real money.