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Fantasy Football


1. What is Fantasy Football?

2. Why Play Fantasy Football?

3. Why You Should Play On Howzat?

4. How to Play Fantasy Football on Howzat?

5. How To Win Fantasy Football Games On Howzat?

6. Fantasy Football Points System

7. Is Howzat Legal and Safe for Playing Fantasy Football Games?

What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy Football is an online fantasy sports game that involves selecting a virtual team of real players from two real teams and scoring points on the basis of the performance of these players in a real-world match. As a user, you are the team selector in fantasy football and your aim is to select the best possible playing 11 from two opponent teams playing on a given day, score the highest points, and beat your competitors’ teams.

Select the 11 players (within the provided credits) who you think can score the most points for your team with their performance in the various departments of the game, like goal-keeping, defending, midfield and striking. The selection of the best players, of course, depends on several factors as it’s a real-match scenario.

Although some luck might increase your chances of winning, fantasy football is predominantly a game of skill that requires a good knowledge of the game and excellent analytical and predictive abilities. A good understanding of the game and a little bit of research will help you select the best players for a match and win the game.

Why Play Fantasy Football?

We are a nation of sports lovers. In recent years, fantasy football leagues have gained popularity exponentially, thanks to the increasing broadcast of different football leagues/matches across the world. Also, football fan clubs are gaining popularity and being recognized by their respective football clubs.

But what makes fantasy football so interesting? Why has it become so popular with football lovers? Here are some reasons for the ever-growing popularity of fantasy football.

Power to Select Your Own Team: One of the best things about fantasy football is the power to select your own team by picking the best players from two opponent teams. You can use your knowledge of football and players’ form to create the best team and watch them win in the match.

Exciting Matches 24x7: Football matches are happening 24X7 around the globe. You can create teams for different matches and leagues taking place all around the world.

Big Cash Prizes: Fantasy football games are wildly entertaining. They not only amp up your gaming excitement but also provide you with a sense of achievement as you can win real money in the form of cash prizes in cash contests. Make sure to understand the fantasy football scoring system before playing cash games.

Bragging Rights:You can showcase your skills and knowledge of football in the game and earn the right to brag in front of your friends and colleagues!

Why You Should Play Fantasy Football On Howzat

Not on any other PLATFORM you will get the opportunity to go play against Cricket Legends like Kumar Sangakkara, Kieron Pollard and Irfan Pathan in making the best team and scoring more points. And if you can beat them, you can win a lot of real money in prizes!

So what makes Howzat the best app to play fantasy football on? Here are some Howzat features you will really love:

  1. Quick Sign-up: Simply sign up using your Google or Facebook account, or create a new account and start playing.
  2. User-friendly Interface: Get the best fantasy football experience with our user-friendly interface. Navigate through all the options smoothly and play with great ease.
  3. Extensive Game Lobby: Howzat has an extensive game lobby with upcoming matches, ongoing contests, and much more. Choose your favorite sports league/tournament and join a match.
  4. Dedicated Blog: We have a dedicated Howzat Blog, where we regularly post fantasy football tips, sports news, and game analysis by experts.
  5. Unique Scoring System: Howzat has a unique scoring system that multiplies the fun and your excitement in the game. Do take a look at our scoring system before joining a contest.
  6. Safe and Secure: Howzat is 100% safe and secure. You can safely deposit money into your Howzat account and easily withdraw your cash winnings to your bank account.
  7. Playing with Real Players: Howzat has only real players and no bots. We provide a real-time experience to all our 7 million+ users.
  8. Lucrative Bonuses and Offers: Lots of attractive bonuses and rewards are up for grabs on Howzat. Make your first deposit and get up to a 200% bonus credited to your Howzat account! You also get cashback offers regularly.
  9. Referral Bonus Program: Invite your friends to earn instant bonuses. Compete with them and bring more excitement to the game.

How to Play Fantasy Football on Howzat

Getting started with fantasy football on Howzat is super easy. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Login: Sign up or log in to your Howzat gaming account.
  2. Select a Match: Choose a match you would like to play.
  3. Create a Team: Create a team of 11 players by selecting players from the two teams that are going to play a real-world match. You will get 100 credits to select a team. Each player has a certain value in credits.
  4. Choose your captain and vice-captain: Choose a captain and a vice captain for your team. Select the best two players as your captain and vice captain because the performance of the captain and the vice captain has a higher weighting.
  5. Choose a Contest: A wide variety of contests are available for each match on Howzat. You can choose whichever contests you want to participate in. Some contests give you an opportunity to win 10X the entry fee.
  6. Track Your Score: Follow the match and to get an adrenaline rush, keep checking your score on the Howzat leaderboard, which is updated in real-time. However, if you are busy, keeping track of your score is not necessary as that’s done automatically by Howzat. Prizes are credited to winners’ accounts automatically.

How to Win Fantasy Football Games on Howzat

The key to win is to make the most competitive team and the content/information play a significant role. HOWZAT as a platform, provides sports content to leverage the players’ information and then make smart, informed decisions.

In addition to this, winning fantasy football games requires skill, patience, and persistence. A careful selection of players is crucial to creating a match-winning team. Fantasy football requires you to create a team of 11 players, including a goal-keeper, defenders, midfielders, and strikers.

  1. Maximum 1 goalkeeper
  2. Minimum 3 and maximum 5 defenders
  3. Minimum 3 and maximum 5 midfielders
  4. Minimum 1 and maximum 3 forwards
  5. A maximum of 7 players are allowed from one team.

Note: You can leverage our dedicated blog section by reading the daily match predictions and understanding the players records, past performances, head to head results and much more.

The goal is to score the most points, so selecting players who can perform their best in the real-world match is crucial. Some factors to take into account while selecting a team are as follows:

Fantasy Football Scoring System

The scoring system in fantasy football works differently from fantasy cricket. For starters, the departments are completely different in the two sports and the way of playing is also different. There are goals instead of runs scored, tackles/assists instead of wickets taken, clean sheets instead of catches/stumpings/run-outs, negative points for disciplinary cards, etc. Here is how players score points in fantasy football:

  1. Every successful tackle or assist earns positive points.
  2. Every goal scored earns positive points.
  3. Every clean sheet earns positive points.
  4. Every penalty shot saved earns positive points.
  5. Every goal conceded receives negative points.

There are two disciplinary cards in football: Red and Yellow cards. Getting these disciplinary cards receives negative points.

  1. For every Yellow Card received: -1 point.
  2. For every Red Card received: -3 points.
  3. Any event during the Extra Time (in-game; not penalty shootout ) will receive points.

The goal is to score the most points, so selecting players who can perform their best in a real-world match is crucial. Some factors to take into account while selecting a team are as follows:

  1. Home/Away record
  2. Record against the opponent
  3. Current form and track record of players
  4. Captain and Vice Captain
  5. Strengths and weaknesses of players
  6. Availability of players

Note: Make sure to select the best player as your team’s captain (earns 2X points) and the second-best player as the vice captain (earns 1.5X points).

Please note that you will be eligible to win a cash prize, in a cash contest, only if your team is the highest-scoring team in that contest, or if your team gets a prespecified top rank in a multiple-winner contest. It is highly recommended that you participate in our free Practice Contests initially to gain confidence and then play Cash Leagues.

Is Howzat Legal and Safe for Playing Fantasy Football Games on?

Playing fantasy football on Howzat is absolutely legal and safe. According to the Supreme Court of India, success in fantasy sports requires a good knowledge of the sports and awareness of players’ form, statistics, etc., which makes it a skill game. And playing a game of skill for real money is not gambling.

Barring Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana our cash fantasy football contests are available for all states and UTs of India. Users residing in the aforementioned restricted states can only participate in our free practice games.

Select your dream football team on Howzat, the safest and most secure platform, and win cash every day!

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