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Fantasy Sports on Howzat

Fantasy sports in India has been witnessing tremendous growth, both in the number of players and the amount of revenue generated. The Indian fantasy gaming app industry is estimated to be worth $3.7 billion by 2024. In the last few years, the number of fantasy players has grown by over 25 times in the country, whereas the number of fantasy cricket apps in India has increased by 7 times.

So how does fantasy games work? You create a virtual dream team of real-life players playing an upcoming match in cricket/football in the real world. Virtual teams compete with each other and score points based on the actual performance of the players in the real-world match. The team that scores the most points is the winner.

The daily fantasy league, like the Indian T20 League, format offers sports fans a meaningful way to utilize their sports knowledge and enjoy their favorite sports better. Fantasy sports help develop a deeper connection between sports fans and real-world sports.

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Howzat, a product launched by Junglee Games, is one of the best fantasy game apps in India and your one-stop destination for fantasy gaming.

Join the most active online gaming community of over 10 million registered players today. Just download fantasy app onto your mobile phone, sign up and enjoy the most exciting fantasy sports in India anytime, anywhere!

All you need to do is select a match, select your dream team and join a contest to win big prizes! Know more about how to play fantasy cricket in detail here.

Here are some of the wonderful features of Howzat that make it the best fantasy gaming app and popular with fantasy players


On Howzat, you get the opportunity to challenge and play with cricket legends like Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina and Irfan Pathan. If you beat them, you win big real money prizes!


You get a welcome bonus up to ₹3000 on your first deposit! And that’s not all. Enjoy an array of exclusive daily offers, referral bonuses, and much more that will keep you coming back to Howzat!


After the match is over, your winnings are credited to your Howzat wallet in the shortest time possible. You can withdraw the amount instantly or anytime you want, or you can join a new contest using the amount and win more.


HHowzat has a simple and easy-to-navigate game lobby that allows you to select and join a match very easily. And the user-friendly interface of Howzat provides you with a smooth and seamless fantasy gaming experience.

It is legal to play fantasy sports for real money, as well as for free, in India. Users can play for real money online and the money they win is considered their legal income. However, people aged under 18 are not eligible to participate in cash contests.

It is absolutely safe to play fantasy games on Howzat. It is the most trusted fantasy sports platform. The Howzat app/website offers a 100% safe and secure online gaming environment and uses completely secure payment gateways for safe online transact

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FAQs: Fantasy Sports

How to play fantasy sports?

Playing fantasy sports on Howzat is very easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Select the match that you want to play on Howzat.
  • Create your dream team by selecting players from the two teams.
  • Join one of the many contests available on Howzat. Now you are part of the game.
  • When you win a cash contest, you can withdraw your winnings or join more cash contests with the amount to win more.

What are Tips and Tricks to Win in Fantasy Cricket?

Here are some fantasy tips and tricks to keep in mind when selecting your team:

  • Check out the pitch and weather report.
  • Find out whether it is a batting pitch or a bowling pitch. Select more batsmen or bowlers on your team accordingly.
  • Study the players’ performance and records in previous matches.
  • Select batsmen who can score big runs and bowlers who can take wickets.
  • Choose your captain and vice captain wisely as they score 2x and 1.5x points respectively as compared to other players on the team.
  • Create multiple teams and join multiple contests to maximize your odds of winning.

Can I Play Fantasy Football on Howzat?

Howzat covers a wide number of football matches, domestic and international both. You can switch tabs and play in the football section in a similar manner to fantasy cricket. The team formation and scoring rules in fantasy football are different from cricket. So, put on your fantasy caps and make your best football team to win exciting cash prizes.

Can I Withdraw My Winnings?

Yes, you can withdraw your cash winnings. You can get the cash won by you transferred to your bank account online. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is ₹200 and the maximum amount you can withdraw in a day is ₹2,00,000. Please note that you cannot withdraw any amount from your bonus wallet. The bonus amount can be used only to join cash contests.

How to Get Information About Teams for Upcoming Matches

Check out our dedicated blog section regularly, where we publish blog posts about the biggest matches coming up and fantasy team predictions for them. You can use the insight and knowledge gained from our blog posts to create the best possible teams and win big.

Which Contests to Join?

We have Grand League and Small League contests where thousands of players participate for big cash prizes. The entry fee for a Grand League contest is generally low. In these contests, 50% participants usually win except for a few exceptions. In our Head to Head contests, you compete with only one opponent. There are free practice matches too that you can join for free to sharpen your skills. Practice contests help new players to understand the scoring system better and gain confidence.

Join the contests of your choice, select your teams and win big prizes!

Is it Legal to Play Fantasy Sports for Real Money in India ?

Fantasy sports in India are categorized as games of skill or skill games. The result of a match or competition in a game of skill depends mainly on the player’s skill, expertise, knowledge and understanding of the game. Skill is the predominant factor in the outcome of the game, instead of luck or chance.

The Hon’ Supreme Court of India has ruled that it is legal to play skill games for real money, as well as for free, in India. However, the state laws of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana prohibit the residents of these states from playing cash games online. But the residents of all other Indian states and union territories can play fantasy sports for real money online and the money they win in skill games online is considered their legal income. However, people aged under 18 are not eligible to participate in cash fantasy contests as they are prohibited from playing cash games by Indian law.

Is it Safe to Play on the Howzat Fantasy App?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to play fantasy games on Howzat. Howzat is the most trusted fantasy sports platform. The Howzat app/website offers a 100% safe and secure online gaming environment to all the users. It uses completely secure payment gateways for safe online transactions. You can easily deposit and withdraw cash at any time.