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Brace yourself! Football is Back!

Brace yourself! Football is Back!

All the football fanatics out there, we have some amazing news for you! European football is making a comeback in full force! With almost 3 months of no action, football is set for a roaring comeback with the 3 out of the top 5 most loved European leagues looking ready to complete their seasons. 

The global pandemic hit the world hard, especially around March. Most of the sports matches were being played behind closed doors since February and March saw an indefinite suspension of major leagues and tournaments. Cricket, football and kabaddi are the most popular sports in India. Indians were accustomed to having at least 7-8 matches every day to follow. The fantasy sports industry was also preparing itself for a huge financial year ahead. This year was scheduled to kick-start with the Indian T20 League and all the major domestic and European finals scheduled to take place around May. With the pandemic striking, fantasy sports lovers were left with very few matches being played, with huge gaps of 5-6 days between them. 

All that is about to change soon, with some major developments being announced by European football bodies. Here’s a summary of the developments in the top 5 football leagues from Europe. 

  • The German Football Federation has announced that the top-tier German Football League will resume matches from 16th May 2020. The matches will still be played behind closed doors until it’s safe for fans to attend them. 
  • The English Football Association is hopeful of the matches resuming in June as the Government of the United Kingdom has announced that sports can resume only if the conditions are safe. The government and the sports bodies of England are discussing the logistics of resuming all sports activities in June 2020.
  • The President of the Spanish Football League Association, Mr. Tebas has said that there is zero risk if sports resume. Spain is looking at a tentative date of 12th June to resume the top tier of Spanish football. 
  • The French Football Association in a surprise move announced the culmination of their top tier of football league. Paris were crowned the champions for the years 2019-20. A lot of teams are unhappy with this ruling, especially the ones that were relegated to the second tier. The teams are protesting against this ruling by the Football Association and are seeking amendments. 
  • Italy’s Minister of Sports, Mr. Spadafora, in a recent interview, discussed the return of football in the country. Italy has been one of the worst hit countries by the pandemic. He said that Italy is supremely cautious in their approach to resume sports and will only take a step when it’s completely safe to resume. 

While the return of football has come as a blessing for sports fans, a lot of Indians are still waiting for the return of cricket. Unfortunately, none of the cricketing boards have a clear date in sight yet for the sport to resume. Here are a few recent updates from the world of cricket:

  • England looks to restart international cricket in the month of July with its series against Australia planned for the same month. Before the series with Australia, a series against the West Indies was also planned for the month of June. No official confirmation or announcement has been made for either of the series yet 
  • Australia and New Zealand are also looking at plans to kick-start cricket again. Both the teams faced each other in March when the series was suspended abruptly due to the pandemic. Both the teams are currently mulling over how to complete the unfinished series. 
  • The T20 World Cup, scheduled for the month of November seems unlikely to actually happen in November, with all major cricketing bodies having major concerns about hosting such a huge, multinational event so soon. 

While we wait for cricket to resume, fantasy sports lovers should start gearing up for the football season starting soon. Fantasy football offers you a wonderful opportunity to win lots of real cash, just like fantasy cricket does! 

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Team Banao, Lakhon Kamao! 

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