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Best Football Manager in the World : Pep Guardiola to Antonio Conte

Football is one of the oldest games in history. Like many sports, it also comes with an exciting and fun history that only a football enthusiast would be aware of. Over the years, people’s craze and love for football has increased manifold. 

The rising popularity of football is not only due to the legendary players who are known for their skills and tricks but also their coaches who have been working tirelessly with them at every step and are always seen as more elated than the player themselves.

Top 5 Best Football Managers in the World 2022

Here is a list of the best football managers who have been known for motivating their players to play as a cohesive unit and putting forward the best team who can not only overcome the game situation at hand but also find tremendous success. 



Titles Won

Teams Managed

Current Team

Pep GuardiolaSpain32Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester CityPremier League Club Manchester City
Jurgen KloppGermany12Mainz, Borussia Dortmund, LiverpoolPremier League Club Liverpool
Hansi FlickGermany7Hoffenheim, Bayern Munich, GermanyGermany National Team
Antonio ConteItaly9Atalanta, Juventus, Italy, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Tottenham HotspurPremier League Club Tottenham Hotspur
José MourinhoPortugal26Benfica, Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, AS RomaItalian Serie A Club AS Roma

Pep Guardiola

Josep ‘Pep’ Guardiola Sala is a Spanish football coach and a former player as well as one of the most renowned football managers. Pep is widely considered the most influential football manager of all time. Currently he is the coach of Premier League club Manchester City. Pep is known as the legend of the football industry. He transformed from being a member of the team to managing the team. His journey from being a player to coaching the team has certainly not been a cakewalk. 

Highly creative, nimble, and hard-working, he is one of the best coaches in football with his leadership skills, tactical awareness and right set of strategies. Over the years, as a football manager, Pep has won a total of 32 titles and calling him one of the most decorated football managers in the history of football would not be an overstatement. With an incredible record of bringing success and a sense of achievement to every team, he is without any argument a great leader who can bring meaningful changes and results.

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Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Norbet Klopp is a German professional football manager and a former football player. He is presently the football coach of Premier League club Liverpool. Jurgen Klopp is known for rejuvenating and transforming the club into one of the powerhouses of the world. Earlier, the team was not even able to qualify for the UEFA Champions League but soon after Jurgen took over, Liverpool was able to earn a spot in UEFA Champions League. 

Jurgen is known as one of the top football managers in the world. He is the best coach in football who put together a great team at every position and liked a rapid, counter-attacking style of a game akin to Arsenal (in their better years).

Jurgen Klopp's name is unquestionably inscribed in the lists of the world's top football coaches.

Hansi Flick

Hansi Flick is currently the manager of the Bayern Munich team. In a short span of 2 years, he successfully conquered several trophies. Under the leadership of Hansi Flick, Bayern Munich became one of the best-known and most successful teams. Football enthusiasts wonder how he was able to manage the team so well and is able to grab so many trophies in a short period of time. The answer is his familiarity with the system.

Before becoming one of the best coaches in football, he spent 8 years as an assistant to Joachim Low, so he was highly familiar with the skills, strategies and tactics that should be applied to win the game.

Antonio Conte

Former Italian football player Antonio Conte played for Juventus for the majority of his career and represented his country 20 times. He is the head coach of Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. Antonio expects the same level of enthusiasm and effort from the team he coaches as he himself showed when he was a football player. Simply put, he chooses only those players who can adjust and adapt to his strategy and system. Antonio Conte is certainly set to establish himself as one of the best football managers of all time and surely has an enduring career ahead of him.

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José Mourinho

Portuguese coach José Mourinho is known for his strategic defenses, the physical strength, and the tactical approach he takes while coaching his players. Before gaining coaching experience, he was known for working with legends like Bobby Robson and Louis Van Gaal. To add to his collection of trophies, he won the 2010 Champions League with Inter, the 2003 UEFA Cup, the 2004 Champions League, the 2017 Europa League with Manchester United, and the 2003 UEFA Cup with Porto.

Every football player can become a coach someday but it takes the right set of skills to become a great football coach or a football manager. The person needs to be someone who can captivate audiences around the world by imbibing a unique set of skills. The best football managers around the world value teamwork, unity among players, discipline, and how well the team is able to defend themselves. 

We hope the above information was valuable and has certainly provided you with insights into the best football managers and who is the best coach in football around the world. 


Who is the best coach in football?

As per statistics, Jurgen Klopp tops the list of the best coaches in football in the world. The list also includes Pep Guardiola, Mauricio Pochettino, and Antonio Conte. 

Who is the best soccer coach in the world?

Antonio Conte, Jurgen Klopp, Carlo Ancelotti, and Diego Simeone are known as some of the best soccer coaches in the world.

Who is the greatest coach of all time?

Sir Alex Ferguson, without an argument, is one of the greatest football managers of all time.

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