Fantasy Cricket Tips & Tricks
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Fantasy Cricket Tips and Trick

Fantasy cricket is all the rage these days. Millions of sports lovers play fantasy games every day and win real money in prizes while having fun. The objective of a fantasy match is to select your own virtual team of real players, which then competes with others’ teams. Your team scores points based on the players performances in the match. The higher your team scores, the better your odds of winning prizes in all the big international and domestic tournaments like the T20 World Cup and the Indian T20 league.

So how to score the highest number of points? Read on to learn all the fantasy cricket tips and tricks for today's match!

Fantasy Premier League Tips

Fantasy cricket tests your knowledge of the sport, decision-making ability, and analytical skills. Knowing a few simple tricks can be the key to winning games in the big domestic tournaments like the Indian T20 league. Take a look at our exclusive fantasy cricket tips and tricks below to ace fantasy games.

Look out for the Toss and Playing XIs

The most basic thing is to select players playing in the match. On Howzat, you get updates on whether a particular player is playing or not. You can also get such information from other cricket websites too. Picking a player who is injured or not in the playing 11 means going into a contest with less than 11 players, which is a big loss.

For example, you may have selected a player who is not included in the final playing 11. Make sure to replace that player with a different player so you have a full-strength team.

Keep Players’ Recent Form and Potential in Mind

While players' form should be considered while selecting a fantasy team, you need to strike a perfect balance between form and potential. A lot of fantasy players usually make the mistake of picking only players who have performed big in the previous game ignoring players’ potential. Identifying the players’ potential and analyzing their record against the opponent is also very important while picking players for your fantasy team.

For example, you should not pick a spinner who has picked three wickets in the previous game on a pitch that has absolutely no turn on offer. Backing players who are out of form could also be a great strategy for winning fantasy sports contests.

Check out the Pitch Report

Pitch conditions, one of the under-rated fantasy cricket tips, play a major role in any cricket match. You need to identify whether the pitch is a high-scoring one or a low-scoring one. Accordingly you should pick more batters or more bowlers. For example, if it is a flat pitch, pick more batters on your team. A slow and dry pitch means you should pick more spinners than pace bowlers. It is all about choosing your players according to the conditions

Another major aspect to consider is the amount of spin and swing on offer. While most pitches on the subcontinent are more favorable to the spinners, green pitches offer more carry and help pace bowlers. Get more such information by checking out our fantasy blog section for all the big international and domestic tournaments like the T20 World Cup and the Indian T20 league.

Study the Weather Forecast

Picking a team is tricky when there is a bad weather forecast for the game. Although you might have the perfect team for a full game, rain may throw all your strategies out of the window. Fantasy players should be aware of the weather forecast while selecting their teams.

For example, if there will likely be overcast conditions at the start of the match, which could offer more swing to the bowlers. Include more pace bowlers from the team bowling first, which can help you gain valuable points. In case a match is shortened, you should select more top-order players from both teams. Lower-order players might not get the opportunity to bat in the match. Knowing weather conditions can take you one step closer to winning a fantasy contest before the game even begins.

Choose Your Captain and Vice Captain Wisely

In fantasy cricket, all the players on your team are required to perform for you to score well and win. Choosing the right captain and the vice captain is of utmost importance. The captain gets 2X points and the vice captain gets 1.5X points for their game performances. You must capitalize on that factor and select the best players as your captain and vice captain. It could win the contest for you.

Although there aren’t any specific fantasy tips to choose a good captain or vice captain, all-rounders who bat in the top order are probably an ideal choice for these crucial roles.

Fantasy Cricket Winning Tips

Select Top-order Batters

Selecting top-order batters for your team will increase your chances of winning, especially in T20s and ODIs. Prioritize selecting openers and middle-order batsmen over lower-order batsmen because the latter might not get a chance to bat. The shorter the game format, the more important this factor becomes. Lower-order batters don’t often get a chance to bat in T10 and T20 matches.

A top-order batsman gets the most number of overs to face irrespective of the format and has the probability of scoring the most points. So choosing a player who bats in the top 3 from both teams can increase your chances of scoring the most points in the match.

Pick Wicket-taking Bowlers

Picking the right bowlers could be a hard call at times. Although the major focus is mostly on batters in fantasy cricket, bowlers can also win you fantasy premier league contests. The form does have a say in bowlers’ performance more than in batter’s, with rhythm being the key metric.

For example, pick a bowler who has the potential to take wickets rather than the bowler who will only bowl economical overs. The number of points allotted for taking wickets is higher than the economy rate for bowlers.

Maintain a Balance between Batters and Bowlers

One of the most difficult questions is whether you have the right number of batters and bowlers on your fantasy team. Depending on the conditions, a balance must be maintained in your team. While some players tend to pick more batters, this strategy doesn’t hold good in case of an even contest between the bat and the ball.

Ideally you should have 4 specialist batters, 4 specialist bowlers, 2 all-rounders and a wicketkeeper. However, Howzat provides you flexibility where you can even pick 5 or 6 batters, 2-3 wicket keepers or an extra all-rounder depending on the players’ form and ability.

If the pitch is bowling-friendly and the match is low-scoring, bowlers score most of the points and play an important role in winning a game. Similarly, in a high-scoring match, the batsmen score most of the points. Study the pitch report to decide on a winning combination.

Create Multiple Teams and Join Multiple Contests

Joining multiple contests and creating multiple teams is a great trick to win cash fantasy premier league games. While a single team offers a safer approach, it isn’t always ideal to keep your eggs in one basket. Select a match, create multiple teams, and enter multiple contests to maximize your odds of winning. Although joining multiple cash contests means paying more entry fees, make use of the promo codes and bonuses that Howzat Fantasy offers to help your cause. This is one of the underrated fantasy cricket tips and tricks that maximize your odds of winning.

For example, if you are confused between two players, it is advisable to form two teams, selecting one for each team, and join the contest. One of your teams may lose but the other team might still win.

Read Match Predictions

Match predictions made by experts can give you a good insight into upcoming matches and fantasy cricket tips for today match. Many experts make predictions about matches a few days in advance or only hours before the matches start. You can go through such predictions to make informed decisions while selecting/changing your team.

Howzat posts regular match prediction blog posts on its webpage and app. You can read the predictions about a particular match to know important details like whether the pitch will be helpful to fast bowlers, spinners or batters. You can select your team accordingly and increase your odds of winning.

Tips to Make a Fantasy Team Today

Look out for Lesser-known Players

Unknown players or players making their debut can help you in balancing your fantasy team. They are available for a lower price and are not picked by the majority of fantasy players. However, such players can make an impact by scoring big with the bat or taking a number of wickets in the match.

An unknown player scoring a half century often puts you in a higher rank than a star batsman scoring a fifty in the same match. Although reputation does have a say, talent cannot be ignored. Remember not to be afraid of picking such players to win fantasy matches.

Invest Smartly

In online fantasy cricket, you get 100 credit points to select your team of 11 players. Each player is worth a certain number of points. So make a balanced team of high-priced and low-priced players. Also try to utilize all the credits and select the best possible players for your fantasy premier league team today.

Trust Your Instincts

Apart from skill, analysis and knowledge of the game, you have to trust your instincts while selecting players for your team. It is like being in a captain’s shoes while making a decision on who to give the ball to or who to send in to bat in a certain match situation. It may work sometimes and may not work at other times.

For example, a player may not have performed well in the past few matches or may not be a popular pick for the upcoming match, but if you have a feeling that the player will score big runs or take plenty of wickets in the match, select the player for your team. If the player performs well, you will have higher odds of winning.

Join the Right Contest

Joining the right contest also plays a major role in winning. While most fantasy users are attracted by the huge prize pools in grand leagues, one must not jump into such contests without confidence.

If you are a beginner, you can start with a low-fee contest and test your skills and enhance them. Once you gain enough confidence in predicting and selecting a winning team, you can go ahead and enter higher-fee contests and grand leagues as well.

Bonus Points

It is common knowledge that you get more points if your selected player scores a boundary or takes a catch in the match. Although the bonus is not very big, it can make a huge difference in the result of the contest.

Picking big-hitting all-rounders who are also quite handy on the field is an ideal strategy. They consistently contribute in all three facets of the game, which adds more points to your fantasy team. Additionally, wicket keepers are also a handy inclusion in Test matches where batsmen usually get out caught behind the stumps. The accumulated bonus points could have a say in the final outcome of the match and may be the difference between winning and losing a contest.

Check for Promo Codes

While some users are capable of investing huge amounts, others may rely on small amounts to join contests. Promo codes are a great gift for such fantasy players. Howzat has several offers like bonuses and cashback for each and every match. You can find them on the website/app and avail yourself of those offers while adding cash to your wallet or joining a new contest. This should help you play more and win more.

Know more about How To Play Fantasy Cricket.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Make sure you choose only those players who are going to be in the playing XI in the match.
  • Selecting top-order batsmen in your team will increase your chances of winning. Prioritize selecting openers and middle order batters over lower order batters because they might not get a chance to bat.
  • Choose players based on their recent form. This will benefit you more compared to selecting a player who isn't in form. Also, check for the player’s record against the same opponent or at the same venue in previous matches.
  • Check the weather and pitch report. Check whether it is a bowling or batting friendly pitch. This will help you decide if you want to take an extra batsmen or an extra bowler in your team.
  • Pick bowlers who are wicket takers. Bowlers who bowl at the start or at the end have the most chances of picking up wickets in the match.
  • Choosing the right captain and the vice captain for the team often decides your fate in the match. The captain earns 2x and the vice captain 1.5x points for their games performances.

You must be aware of the players included in both the playing XIs to avoid missing out on any player. If you are not aware of the playing team and any of your selected players is absent, you end up playing with less than 11 players, which drastically reduces your chances of winning. So make sure to make any necessary changes to your team after the final teams are announced.

Most of the time, fantasy players tend to select only big names. Star players might not perform in every game. The recent form of the players is a more crucial factor for their selection on your team. This way your team will have players whose recent form is better. This will increase your teams’ odds of performing well in the contest. This is true for fantasy football also.

The team management could replace a player at the last minute because of some injury to the player or there could be an exclusion due to the playing conditions.

Can you make last minute-changes to your team? Yes, you can. On Howzat, you can make changes to your team before the match deadline, i.e. before the first ball is bowled in the match. Take advantage of that to make any necessary last-minute changes and win the contest.

To win money in Howzat fantasy premier league contests, you need to choose a match, select a contest, and select the fantasy dream team. If your team performs better than other participants’ teams in the contest, you win real money. Read match predictions and check out our daily fantasy cricket tips on the Howzat blog. That will maximize your odds of winning.

You can create up to 40 teams for a mega contest on Howzat. This will help you maximize your odds of winning that particular contest. You can also select 1 to 10 teams for smaller contests, depending on the limit set for that particular contest.

Howzat is one of the most innovative and fastest-growing apps for fantasy sports. Here are some of the features that make Howzat the best app for playing fantasy cricket with:

  • You get the opportunity to play with cricket legends like Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, and Irfan Pathan and win big cash prizes by beating their teams.
  • Gaming on Howzat is effortless and fast. We have designed the fastest and the smartest fantasy cricket app for you!
  • Howzat’s user-friendly interface provides you with a seamless gaming experience. It has a simple and easy-to-navigate dashboard.
  • Howzat offers fantasy matches 24x7. You can play fantasy cricket and fantasy football at any time of the day, be it 12 p.m. or 3 a.m.
  • You can play an unlimited number of free practice games to sharpen your skills and gain confidence. Then you can move on to cash contests and win a lot of real money.
  • A lot of attractive bonuses and rewards are on offer. You can get up to a 200% bonus credited to your Howzat account! You also get cashback offers regularly.

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