5 Reasons Why You Should Play Fantasy Cricket

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Fantasy Cricket

Living in a nation full of passionate cricket lovers, most of us have experienced the thrill of playing fantasy cricket during big tournaments like the World Cups and T20 leagues, especially the Indian T20 League. For those who don’t know the concept, fantasy cricket is a form of virtual gaming in which the user creates a team of 11 players (within a limit of 100 credits) assigned under four categories: wicketkeeper, batter, all-rounder and bowler. 

All you have to do is to download the fantasy app and make your own team of players who you think are going to be the best performing players in an upcoming match. Your selected players earn points as per their actual performances (runs scored, wickets taken, sixes and fours hit, etc.) in the match.

But the question arises: Why should you play fantasy cricket, and what’s in the store for you as a user? Without any further delay, let us explore the world of fantasy cricket and know why an individual should play fantasy cricket contests. 

1) Power to create your own team

One key attraction of fantasy cricket is that it allows users to pick players and create their own team for a given contest. One can pick freely among the four categories of players: wicketkeeper, batter, all-rounder and bowler. In total, one has to pick 11 players. 

You can choose 1-4 wicketkeepers, 1-6 batters, 1-4 all-rounders and 1-6 bowlers to make the best set of 11 cricketers who you think can get you the maximum amount of points in the contest. Remember that you can pick a maximum of 7 players from one team. The next and the most important step is to choose a captain and vice captain. A captain gives you 2x points for the same performance as other players, while the vice-captain gives you 1.5x points.

Note: While a user is free to select any player in his/her fantasy team, the best practice would be to select only those players who are in the playing XI. You won’t get any points for a player who is not in the playing XI, which in turn, will affect your overall score. The playing XI of both the teams is declared right after the toss, which happens generally 30 minutes before the match starts.

2) Opportunity to win cash prizes

The best part of any fantasy cricket contest is not the rankings but the rewards they generate. It makes the users want to participate in multiple contests, be it for the same match or different ones. The concept of rewards adds a certain degree of excitement to the competition.

While some look to play safe by taking part in head-to-head contests and small leagues, many compete at a slightly bigger level in mega leagues. Who wouldn’t want to participate in a contest that has a low entry fee but offers great rewards in return? Also, do not forget the bonuses and discounts offered that help users reinvest their money for future contests. 

3) Chance to know more about the sport 

In a game like fantasy cricket, the outcome of the game is majorly based based on the player’s knowledge about the sport and their skills, instead of external factors like luck or chance. Here one must have a good in-depth knowledge of cricket in order to outwit their competitors.

In-depth knowledge means that users must try to keep themselves informed on the below-mentioned points in order to get an upper hand in a fantasy contest:

  • Pitch and weather report
  • Team news and injury report
  • Playing XI
  • Current form of players
  • Head-to-head statistics

If you are up-to-date on these factors, your chances of success multiply in the competition, eventually leading to higher ranks on the contest leaderboard and better prizes.

4) Excitement till the end of the match

Because you have players from both teams in your fantasy team, even if your favorite team is losing the match, there is excitement till the last ball of the match. A six here or a wicket there can change the outcome of the contest you are playing. To summarize, participating in fantasy cricket makes you watch the match till the end to know whether you win in the fantasy contest or league that you’ve joined. 

5) Platform to play with fellow cricket fans

Stay connected with fellow cricket lovers by playing fantasy cricket matches with them. You can compete with those who love this sport as much as you do and share the excitement of the real match as well as the fantasy contest. And in case you won, it gives a boost to your mood, happiness, and excitement. Also, you earn the right to brag in front of your friends and colleagues!

We hope these points have convinced you about the benefits of playing fantasy cricket. So if you’re a fan of cricket and want to experience a higher level of excitement, now would be an ideal time for you to start participating in fantasy cricket contests.  

It’s just a matter of time before you become an expert at fantasy cricket and understand the tricks and strategies needed to win on a regular basis. Play the best fantasy cricket matches on the Howzat app now!

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