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India Kabaddi League 2021: Complete Time Table and Match Schedule

The India Kabaddi League is a professional, premier Kabaddi tournament played in India. It is the eight league since its first edition in 2014. The format of the league is similar to that of the Indian T20 League.

When the Kabaddi League was being formulated, there were doubts about whether it would be successful as there were not many famous, elite Kabaddi players. However, the grassroots of this game are so strong in India that the Kabaddi League has become a highly successful league. It has attracted millions of audience from both metropolitan and rural areas of the country.


More About the Kabaddi League 2021

The Kabaddi League is an initiative made collectively by Star and Mashal Sports. Since its first edition in 2014, this tournament has won millions of hearts not only in India but also across the world. Over the years, the league has recorded exponential growth in its viewership and has emerged as the second-most expensive sports league in India within a short period of time. 

Kabaddi fans have waited for 2 long years for the league to return. It is finally going to be over as the 8th season of the Indian Kabaddi League is just around the corner.

Kabaddi League 2021 Teams

The Kabaddi games in the league will start on 22nd December 2021. As many as 12 teams are competing against each other. The schedule of the second half of the season is yet to be announced. The competing 12 Kabaddi teams are as follows:

  • Bengal
  • Bengaluru
  • Delhi
  • Gujarat
  • Haryana
  • Jaipur
  • Patna
  • Pune
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai
  • U.P.

2021 Kabaddi Schedule

The Kabaddi 2021 first half schedule is one-month long. Two matches are scheduled almost every day with some days having three matches also. As the countdown to the biggest Kabaddi event is all set to begin, here’s a rundown on the start date and the complete schedule.

Sr. No.MatchDateTimeLocation
1Bengaluru Vs MumbaiWednesday, December 22, 20217:30 PMBengaluru
2Telugu Vs TamilWednesday, December 22, 20218:30 PMBengaluru
3Bengal Vs U.P.Wednesday, December 22, 20219:30 PMBengaluru
4Gujarat Vs JaipurThursday, December 23, 20217:30 PMBengaluru
5Delhi Vs PuneThursday, December 23, 20218:30 PMBengaluru
6Haryana Vs PatnaThursday, December 23, 20219:30 PMBengaluru
7Mumbai Vs DelhiFriday, December 24, 20217:30 PMBengaluru
8Tamil Vs BengaluruFriday, December 24, 20218:30 PMBengaluru
9Bengal Vs GujaratFriday, December 24, 20219:30 PMBengaluru
10Patna Vs U.P.Saturday, December 25, 20217:30 PMBengaluru
11Pune Vs TeluguSaturday, December 25, 20218:30 PMBengaluru
12Jaipur Vs HaryanaSaturday, December 25, 20219:30 PMBengaluru
13Gujarat Vs DelhiSunday, December 26, 20217:30 PMBengaluru
14Bengaluru Vs BengalSunday, December 26, 20218:30 PMBengaluru
15Tamil Vs MumbaiMonday, December 27, 20217:30 PMBengaluru
16U.P. Vs JaipurMonday, December 27, 20218:30 PMBengaluru
17Pune Vs PatnaTuesday, December 28, 20217:30 PMBengaluru
18Telugu Vs HaryanaTuesday, December 28, 20218:30 PMBengaluru
19Delhi Vs BengalWednesday, December 29, 20217:30 PMBengaluru
20U.P. Vs GujaratWednesday, December 29, 20218:30 PMBengaluru
21Jaipur Vs MumbaiThursday, December 30, 20217:30 PMBengaluru
22Haryana Vs BengaluruThursday, December 30, 20218:30 PMBengaluru
23Tamil Vs PuneFriday, December 31, 20217:30 PMBengaluru
24Patna Vs BengalFriday, December 31, 20218:30 PMBengaluru
25Mumbai Vs U.P.Saturday, January 01, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
26Bengaluru Vs TeluguSaturday, January 01, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
27Delhi Vs TamilSaturday, January 01, 20229:30 PMBengaluru
28Gujarat Vs HaryanaSunday, January 02, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
29Pune Vs BengaluruSunday, January 02, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
30Bengal Vs JaipurMonday, January 03, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
31Telugu Vs PatnaMonday, January 03, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
32Haryana Vs MumbaiTuesday, January 04, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
33U.P. Vs TamilTuesday, January 04, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
34Pune Vs GujaratWednesday, January 05, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
35Delhi Vs TeluguWednesday, January 05, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
36Patna Vs TamilThursday, January 06, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
37Bengaluru Vs JaipurThursday, January 06, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
38Bengal Vs HaryanaFriday, January 07, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
39Jaipur Vs PuneFriday, January 07, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
40U.P. Vs DelhiSaturday, January 08, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
41Mumbai Vs TeluguSaturday, January 08, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
42Gujarat Vs PatnaSaturday, January 08, 20229:30 PMBengaluru
43Pune Vs BengalSunday, January 09, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
44Bengaluru Vs U.P.Sunday, January 09, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
45Tamil Vs HaryanaMonday, January 10, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
46Jaipur Vs DelhiMonday, January 10, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
47Patna Vs MumbaiTuesday, January 11, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
48Telugu Vs GujaratTuesday, January 11, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
49Haryana Vs U.P.Wednesday, January 12, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
50Delhi Vs BengaluruWednesday, January 12, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
51Bengal Vs TamilThursday, January 13, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
52Mumbai Vs PuneThursday, January 13, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
53Jaipur Vs PatnaFriday, January 14, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
54Gujarat Vs BengaluruFriday, January 14, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
55Haryana Vs DelhiSaturday, January 15, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
56 U.P. Vs TeluguSaturday, January 15, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
57Mumbai Vs BengalSaturday, January 15, 20229:30 PMBengaluru
58Tamil Vs JaipurSunday, January 16, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
59Patna Vs BengaluruSunday, January 16, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
60Pune Vs U.P.Monday, January 17, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
61Telugu Vs BengalMonday, January 17, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
62Delhi Vs PatnaTuesday, January 18, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
63Gujarat Vs MumbaiTuesday, January 18, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
64Haryana Vs PuneWednesday, January 19, 20227:30 PMBengaluru
65Jaipur Vs TeluguWednesday, January 19, 20228:30 PMBengaluru
66Tamil Vs GujaratThursday, January 20, 20227:30 PMBengaluru

Kabaddi 2021 Matches Timing and Telecast

Kabaddi League 2021 matches will start at 7:30 PM. The second match will begin at 8:30 PM, while the third match has a start time of 9:30 PM. Online telecasts of today's Kabaddi matches will be available on the Disney+Hotstar live streaming app. 

Channels List: Star Sports 2, Star Sports 2 HD, Star Sports 1 Hindi, Star Sports 1 Hindi HD, Star Sports First, Star Sports 1 Tamil, Star Sports 1 Kannada, Star Sports 1 Telugu, Star Maa Gold and Star Suvarna Plus

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