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Tips to Create a Great Fantasy Team for a Test Match

Tips to Create a Great Fantasy Team for a Test Match

International cricket took a hit in 2020 with all the major sports leagues and tournaments being suspended or canceled because of the covid-19 pandemic. It was only in July that we saw the resurgence of international cricket with the West Indies touring England for a 3-match Test series. The upcoming series will also have international teams participate in Test matches, which begs the question, “How does one select the perfect fantasy team for a Test match?” This blog post aims at answering that and helping you with some useful tips to select a great team. So read on.

  • Weather report: Test matches are played over 5 days and the weather plays an important role in determining the result of a match. The weather on day 1 might support players with a particular skill set and the next day, it could be favorable for others. It’s always important to read the weather report and understand what kind of players might perform well in the given conditions.
  • Pitch report: Just like the weather, the pitch also plays an important role in determining who’ll be the best players to pick. Based on the pitch report, you can decide whether it will be favorable to pace bowlers or spinners. Similarly, you can pick batsmen who play well against either spin or pace.
  • Toss: The result of the toss is also important when choosing which players to pick in your team. This is because the pitch tends to deteriorate over the period of the 5 days the match is played for. It might play out differently for the team batting first compared to the team batting last. Therefore, it is important to wait for the toss and make your final edits after the toss.
  • Player performance: Take a look at the performance of all the players in the last few matches they have played. This will help you determine which players are in good form and which ones might not give you good results. There are multiple portals available out there which can give you an in-depth analysis of any player’s performance.
  • Captaincy: It is very important to choose your captain and vice captain wisely as they could be the difference between winning and losing. In a Test match, all the players on the team have a high probability of batting as it played over 5 days. Also, a lot of batsmen are also asked to bowl at times to help bowlers take a rest. Therefore, an all-rounder is usually a safe pick for captaincy as they have very high involvement in a Test match.
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