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Top 5 Fantasy League Variants on Howzat

Top 5 Fantasy League Variants on Howzat

With the sports season up and running again, fantasy sports lovers are gearing up to win from Lakhs this June. Football is the big story of the month with the two most popular leagues, the Premier League and the Spanish La Liga set to resume soon. With so much sporting action around the corner, the fantasy sports enthusiast in you must be wondering which contest to join to reap the maximum rewards! Well, you’re in luck as we’re going to take you through the top 5 Fantasy League variants that are available on India’s most trusted fantasy sports app, Howzat!

Guaranteed Leagues: Big matches call for big contests with the best cash rewards for the winners. Guaranteed leagues are contests which guarantees the prize pool for our players. What this means is that if the guaranteed league prize pool is for Rs. 1.5 Lakhs, then the winners will get the promised amount from this prize pool without any deductions irrespective of how many players join!

Multiplier Leagues: Remember those fake pyramid schemes back in the day which promised a 2X, 3X, or 4X return on your investment? Well, those schemes might be fraudulent, but we have contests running on Howzat that will guarantee you up to 5X returns on the entry fee you put in! 

Head to Head: This is the simplest and the rawest contest available on Howzat. You can straight-up challenge other players on Howzat in a one on one challenge. The player scoring the higher number of points in a given match is declared the winner and takes in the entire amount!

Winner Takes All: This is similar to the Head to Head contest as the winner of this contest takes home the entire amount, but there are more than just two players competing for the prize amount. Play against multiple players and beat them to win it all!

Private Leagues: If you have your friends on Howzat, you can create a private league on Howzat where the entry fees and winning amount can be determined, and you can play amongst your friends! If your friends are not on Howzat, then simply refer them to Howzat, and both of you can get a bonus of Rs. 500!

So stop wondering and start making your teams for the upcoming contests! With so many different variants to choose from, pick the ones that suit you the best and win big in fantasy cricket and fantasy football this season. Download the Howzat app, if you haven’t already, to experience the best fantasy sports experience available in India

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