How To Make Your Own Fantasy Cricket Team

How To Make Your Own Fantasy Cricket Team

Cricket is one of the most popular fantasy sports played in India. With over 100 million playing fantasy cricket today, this industry has taken India by storm. Whether it is the Indian T20 League, a Test match, the World Cup, or any other format, cricket enthusiasts never leave an opportunity to participate in their favorite matches. Moreover, you can make good winnings on the different platforms. 

Even though fantasy cricket is very easy to play and is open to everyone, it is a skill game as winning in fantasy cricket depends directly on the players selected in your team. This requires players to have the knowledge and a good understanding of the game as well as to stay updated with the latest cricket news. Therefore, the most important aspect of the game is making your cricket team.

How to Make a Perfect Fantasy Cricket Team?

Playing fantasy cricket is very simple. To get started, one needs to download a fantasy cricket app. Once the app has been downloaded and installed, users need to create their fantasy cricket team and join contests. You need to select an upcoming cricket match, build your team, enter a contest and track the performance of the selected players. You will earn points based on how these players perform during the match.

You need to pick a total of 11 players to make your team, which includes:

  • 1 to 4 wicketkeepers
  • 1 to 6 batters
  • 1 to 4 all-rounders
  • 1 to 6 bowlers

You can choose a maximum of 7 players from one of the two teams playing. Also, you are given a maximum of 100 points to make your team.

Top Fantasy Cricket Tips To Pick The Best Players For Your Team

Here are some of our top fantasy cricket tips that will help you in creating the perfect fantasy cricket team.

  • Select players based on weather and pitch conditions

It may not seem important at first, but the weather and the pitch conditions are factors that directly affect player performance. For instance, certain players perform well on days with light or no wind, while others put on a spectacular performance even on windy days. Therefore, it is essential to select players based on their relative strengths.

  • Choose the captain and the vice captain wisely 

In fantasy cricket, choosing the right captain and the vice captain for your teams often decides your team’s fate in the match. The captain earns 2x points and the vice captain gets 1.5x points as other players for the same performance. You must capitalize on that and select the best players as your captain and vice captain.

  • Pick players based on the format

In limited-overs games, such as T20 and ODI matches, the top-order batters play the maximum number of balls. They will help you score the maximum points in the game. For 5-day games, such as Test matches, selecting more middle-order batters is a safe option.

  • Maintain a balance in your team 

Maintain a good balance between the number of batters and bowlers on your team. Select a balanced team that includes enough bowlers, especially for a match that is going to be played on a bowling-friendly pitch or vice-versa. Picking all-rounders who can score runs and also take wickets is a great way to bring balance to your team.

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  • Analyze the recent performance of the players

One of the key aspects of playing fantasy cricket is staying updated and informed on how players have been performing in recent matches rather than picking them based on their career records or popularity. Pick players who are in good form as they are more likely to play well and earn points in the upcoming match. 

  • Select the right combination 

Another important aspect of fantasy cricket is selecting the right combination of players. Prioritize selecting openers and middle-order batters as the others might not get a chance to bat in the match. Prioritize selecting wicket-taking bowlers over bowlers who just save runs. Pick a top-order wicketkeeper who can get you points for catches and stumpings while also contributing with the bat. 

  • Check the availability of players

You should also consider each player's availability for the game to make the right selection for your fantasy cricket team. A player not in the playing 11 is a huge loss for your fantasy team and your winning chances.


These were a few tips and tricks that will help you in your quest to create the perfect fantasy cricket team and give you the results you desire. So what are you waiting for? Download the Howzat fantasy app now and become an expert in no time. You can also play fantasy cricket for real cash and win big! Happy gaming!