Basketball: A Sport Growing Popular in India

Whenever we hear the word basketball, we see a mental image of 6-foot-tall American players competing for a ball and chasing their opponents. Well, it is more than that! Basketball is popular across the world. As the name suggests, this game is played with a ball and two baskets (or hoops). It is the most celebrated sport in western countries like the USA and Canada. Other countries like Russia, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, and some parts of Asia have also embraced this game. Many basketball tournaments and championships are held every year. Just like cricket, this game has a huge fan base and people (including celebrities) follow this game diligently. Also, some of the best athletes in the world are basketball players!

Basketball was invented in 1891 by a Canadian sports teacher named James Naismith. It was first played in the International Young Men’s Christian Association (now Springfield College) in Springfield Massachusetts. For the first game, James used peach baskets for shooting goals. This newly invented game created a lot of buzz. Gradually, it became popular across the American continent. This led to the Basketball Association of America (now NBA) in 1946. Today the NBA is a world-famous professional league. As the game grew hugely popular, it became an Olympic sport in 1936.

There are many reasons behind the huge popularity of basketball. To begin with, it is a fast-paced game and very exciting to play. It is basically an indoor sport and can be played throughout the year. It can also be played in parks and driveways. Unlike other sports, the equipment used in basketball is simple: a ball and hoops. It is played on a rectangular floor called a court. The court is divided into two sections by a mid-court line. There are two hoops at the end which are 10 feet tall. Basketball is a team sport; each team has 12 players with 5 on the court. They have to shoot the ball in the opponent’s hoop to score points. The team with the higher score wins the game.

As Indians are crazy about cricket and football, basketball is comparatively less popular in India. However, for the last three years, it has been growing steadily in popularity in India too. To increase its popularity, the game is highly marketed by the NBA. They are also providing assistance to India in terms of both training and infrastructure. The NBA entered our country in 2017 by setting up a basketball school in Mumbai. They went on to establish the NBA academy in Greater Noida, NCR, and many other schools in New Delhi and Pune. Basketball is receiving a good reception in India, thanks to the influence of the NBA. Now we have the Basketball Federation of India (BFI), which consists of professional teams of both genders. They follow rules and regulations laid down by the International Basketball Federation. There are high hopes for the game in the coming years. Even though basketball is a neglected sport in India, there is no dearth of talented players in the country. A few Indian basketball players who were able to make a mark in the sport are Satnam Singh, Amjyot Singh, Amritpal Singh, and Akilan Pari. They have paved the way for younger generations to embrace the sport and form a national team!

As cricket remains the most popular sport in the country, many gaming apps were introduced to keep players hooked. Thereafter, fantasy cricket apps came into the picture. They have become massively popular with sports enthusiasts. Since basketball is an emerging sport in the country, it can be a huge success in fantasy sports apps too. Even though the online format of the game has existed for a very long time, it is still new for Indian users. Just like in the fantasy cricket game, users can select the best basketball players, create a team, and participate in matches. They can also win real money in prizes. A fantasy basketball game is a blessing for the growing basketball fan base in India. The game has a lot of potentials and is likely to disrupt the fantasy sports industry in the country.

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How many players in the Basketball team?

Basketball is a sport played between two teams, of five players each, with the objective of scoring the most points in the match. The five-player positions are Center, Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, and Power Forward. 

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