It’s always raining bonuses on Howzat

It’s always raining bonuses on Howzat

Fantasy sports applications and platforms have been around in India for a few years now. The apps have been pretty successful in keeping sports lovers entertained while helping them make some extra bucks using their sports expertise. While the basic premise across fantasy sports offerings has remained the same -- create your fantasy team for a live sports match and compete with other players -- different apps have their own sets of features to attract users. Some offer a wide variety of sports to choose from while some offer interesting contest variants. Although these features do attract users to some extent, the main deciding factor always remains how much cash one gets as a bonus or is able to win. 

All apps offer some form of bonus upon deposit and the odds of winning are dependent upon the number of participants, the number of prizes and the prize pool of a certain contest but the question remains, “Which app offers the best odds of winning and the best bonus in the industry?”

The answer to this question is Howzat! 

Howzat has a wide range of bonuses and offers for everyone.

First-Deposit Bonus: New users or free players who are looking to make their first deposit are in for a treat. Howzat offers a 200% deposit bonus on the first deposit! Now that will be hard to find anywhere else.

Repeat-Deposit Bonus: Howzat keeps on giving. While most apps don’t offer a bonus after the first deposit or just announce a bonus offer for a limited time period for repeat depositors, Howzat offers up to a 50% deposit bonus to repeat depositors every single day!

Special Offers: Apart from our regular offers, we also have special offers during the special time of the year, when they’re needed the most! Be it near the festive time (remember Holi Rang Barse offers?) or for the top matches of the week (Bouncer offers), Howzat always has something extra!

Cashback Offers: Howzat recently launched a cashback offer as well! Made available for top matches, the cashback offer gives users cashback on the entry fee deposited for multiple teams for a single contest. This way, it doesn’t matter what the result is, you always get something on Howzat!

Referral Bonus: Howzat offers the best referral bonus in the industry! For every verified referral, a player receives a bonus of Rs. 500! Not just that, the player keeps on receiving an additional bonus based on the user behavior of the person they referred to!

The prevailing unprecedented circumstances might have put a halt on sports and consequently a halt on our plans to bring to you newer offerings, but we promise you that we will be back with exciting new offers as soon as the sporting season resumes.

Now coming to the odds of winning on Howzat

While other apps may be offering a higher prize pool, the prize pool money is often split among a disproportionately large percentage of participants. Most of the time, the prize pools are not fixed and change on the basis of the number of contestants that participate.

Howzat on the other hand regularly announces a guaranteed prize pool for the best matches. This means no matter how many contestants join, the prize pool does not change. The prize pool is distributed among the participants in the right proportion to ensure that the winners are duly rewarded for their skills. 

So what are you waiting for? Download India’s best and most trusted fantasy sports app now and enjoy the best winnings and offers!