Make your fantasy team on howzat

The craze for sports in India is insane. So to turn your sports fantasy into reality, Howzat introduced the concept of Fantasy Sports. Howzat is an online Fantasy Sports App that allows you to play Fantasy Sports by using your skills and knowledge of sports. 

On Howzat, you can select your own team and win real cash by playing Fantasy Sports. Pick your own team of real players of Cricket, Kabaddi, and Football and participate in Fantasy Sports contests. You score points on the basis of your team’s performance in real matches. On Howzat, you win real cash as your team scores points based on its performance in real-life matches.

To join a Fantasy Cricket Match on Howzat, follow these simple steps:

-> Register with Howzat for free.

-> Choose a match.

-> Select your team of eleven players, including batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders and at least one wicket-keeper.  

-> Select a Captain and a Vice Captain for your team. (Choose them wisely as their performance has a greater weighting than the other players’ performance.)

 -> Join a contest and follow the match score to enjoy the thrill.

  Now, it's time to showcase your sports skills and expertise on Howzat!

 Fantasy Sports Team

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