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How to Invest Smartly in Fantasy Leagues

How to Invest Smartly in Fantasy Leagues

Fantasy gaming in today’s world is not just a source of entertainment, but also an easy way of making money. The game doesn’t depend mainly on luck but requires a lot of scanning, planning and research. There are people who win lakhs of rupees by investing in fantasy gaming. It is very important to know where to invest and how to invest. In this article, we’ll try and help you to learn and know how to invest smartly in small fantasy sports leagues.

Always know which matches to invest in

Do not blindly invest in every match. Some study and research are always important before investing your money in some game. It is necessary to check the background of the team, a proper platform where you will get the news about the teams well beforehand and the conditions where the match will be played. If you are not updated on these things, you might end up having non-starting players in your team. Also, if there’s rain predicted in a cricket match, there are high chances of the match being played with reduced overs and with DRS method in play, it will be very difficult to form a winning team.

Which leagues to join?

It is advisable to invest in leagues that have only 3 or 4 teams and where there is a single winner. This boosts your chances of winning the pot by a huge margin. Also, make sure that the league doesn’t contain multiple team entries as multiple team combinations formed by your opponents will help them increase their chances of winning. Also, joining a small league with multiple entries is not advisable because even if you win the league with one team, it will lead to the other teams losing and your entry fee going down the drain.

Team combination

It is very important to select the right team and not depend on just luck. Always choose a template team, meaning a team with all the important players’ everyone will be expected to have. Also, choose the right captain. Keeping it simple is very important here as overthinking and experimental decisions may cost you your money. However, you will need some factor to differentiate you from your opponent, for which selecting one or two different players will help. Also, different vice-captain could help the cause.

Research before creating a team

Some research before creating your team is crucial. Let’s see some ways of research used before creating a team for a cricket match:

a.    Pitch conditions: Research pitch conditions. Find out if the pitch is likely to help batsmen, fast bowlers or spinners. Accordingly, we can select more batsmen or more bowlers on our team and decide the number of spinners among bowlers. Also, have a look at the ground history for the last three to five matches and select players accordingly.

b.    The average score of the venue: Knowing the average score of the venue helps in deciding which and how many players to include and what kind of batsmen to include.

c.    Players’ form: It is also crucial to know the form of the players to know which players are likely to perform well.

d.    Toss: The toss plays a very important factor in selecting the team as you would want bowlers from the stronger team if they are bowling first and then vice-versa with the batsmen. So if any changes are allowed after the start of the match, utilize that information. 

e.    Captain and vice-captain: Select appropriate captain and vice-captain as the captain scores double the points other players and the vice-captain 1.5 times other players. In every small league, this is the most important factor as the captain’s complete failure often costs one the game.

f.      Playing XI: The last thing you would want is to have a non-participating player on your team. Thus, it’s very important to know the playing team and keep yourself updated if there’s any last-minute injury to any player.

 These are some tips and tricks on how you can invest smartly in fantasy league contests and win cash. Always play and go with your gut instinct while playing smart at the same time. Hope this article helps you with your decision-making and investment in fantasy leagues. Happy gaming!

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