Virat Kohli Centuries

Virat Kohli Centuries | List of Virat Kohli IPL & International Centuries

It's been more than 15 years since Virat Kohli made his India debut in an ODI against Sri Lanka in 2008. Since then, he hasn't looked back and has continued to have his name written in the record books every now and then. Currently, in his 16th year in international cricket, he is the second-highest century-maker in international cricket history. Let us take a look at his century count in the last decade and a half.

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Virat Kohli’s Last Century in All Formats

Virat Kohli's last century came on April 6, 2024, against Rajasthan Royals in the 2024 IPL at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

FormatLast Century DateScoreOpponentLocation
ODI15th November 2023117New ZealandMumbai
Test21st July, 2023121West IndiesTrinidad
T20I8th September, 2022122*AfghanistanDubai
IPL6th April, 2024113*RajasthanJaipur

Virat Kohli Centuries in IPL

Virat Kohli has scored 8 centuries in the IPL – 4 in the 2016 season, 1 in 2019, 2 in 2023 and 1 in 2024. Bangalore won 5 of the 8 matches in which Kohli scored a century. His highest scores of 113 came against Punjab on 18th May 2016 in Bengaluru and against Rajasthan on 6th April 2024 in Jaipur.

No.DateScoreOpponentLocationTeam’s Match Result
124th April, 2016100*GujaratRajkotLost
27th May, 2016108*PuneBengaluruWon
314th May, 2016109GujaratBengaluruWon
418th May, 2016113PunjabBengaluruWon
519th April, 2019100KolkataKolkataWon
618th May, 2023100HyderabadHyderabadWon
721st May, 2023101*GujaratBengaluruLost
86th April, 2024113*RajasthanJaipurLost

Virat Kohli’s Centuries in Test Cricket

Virat Kohli has scored total of 29 Test centuries in his career playing for India. The Indian cricket team has won 13 Test matches, drawn 9, and lost only 6 when Virat has scored a century.

Kohli’s first Test hundred came against Australia on 24th January 2012 at the Adelaide Oval. He made 116 runs, but India lost the match and the series by 4-0. His highest Test score of 254* came against South Africa at the MCA Stadium, Pune, in 2019. 

No.DateScoreOpponentLocationIndia’s Match Result
124th January, 2012116AustraliaAdelaideLost
231st August, 2012103New ZealandBangaloreWon
313th December, 2012103EnglandNagpurDrawn
422nd February, 2013107AustraliaChennaiWon
518th December, 2013119South AfricaJohannesburgDrawn
614th February, 2014105*New ZealandWellington (Basin)Drawn
79th December, 2014115AustraliaAdelaideLost
89th December, 2014141AustraliaAdelaideLost
926th December, 2014169AustraliaMelbourneDrawn
106th January, 2015147AustraliaSydneyDrawn
1112th August, 2015103Sri LankaGalleLost
1221st July, 2016200West IndiesAntiguaWon
138th October, 2016211New ZealandIndoreWon
1417th November, 2016167EnglandVisakhapatnamWon
158th December, 2016235EnglandMumbaiWon
169th February, 2017204BangladeshHyderabadWon
1726th July, 2017103*Sri LankaGalleWon
1816th November, 2017104*Sri LankaKolkataDrawn
1924th November, 2017213Sri LankaNagpurWon
202nd December, 2017243Sri LankaDelhiDrawn
2113th January, 2018153South AfricaCenturionLost
221st August, 2018149EnglandEdgbastonLost
2318th August, 2018103EnglandTrent BridgeWon
244th October, 2018139West IndiesRajkotWon
2514th December, 2018123AustraliaPerth (Optus)Lost
2610th October, 2019254*South AfricaPuneWon
2722nd November, 2019136BangladeshKolkataWon
2812th March, 2023186AustraliaAhmedabadDraw
2921st July, 2023121West IndiesTrinidadDraw

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Virat Kohli’s Centuries in ODI

Virat Kohli has scored 50 centuries in ODI in his career playing for India. The Indian cricket team has won 42 ODI matches, tied 1, and lost 7 when Virat has scored a century. That is a staggering 84% win percentage when Virat scores an ODI hundred for India.

Virat’s first ODI century (107 runs) came against Sri Lanka on 24th December 2009 at Eden Gardens. Kohli’s highest ODI score of 183 runs came in the 2012 Asia Cup against Pakistan at Mirpur.

No.DateScoreOpponentLocationIndia’s Match Result
124th December, 2009107Sri LankaKolkataWon
211th January, 2010102*BangladeshMirpurWon
320th October, 2010118AustraliaVisakhapatnamWon
428th November, 2010105New ZealandGuwahatiWon
519th February, 2011100*BangladeshMirpurWon
616th September, 2011107EnglandCardiffLost
717th October, 2011112*EnglandDelhiWon
82nd December, 2011117West IndiesVisakhapatnamWon
928th February, 2012133*Sri LankaHobartWon
1013th March, 2012108Sri LankaMirpurWon
1118th March, 2012183PakistanMirpurWon
1221st July, 2012106Sri LankaHambantotaWon
1331st July, 2012128Sri LankaColomboWon
145th July, 2013102West IndiesPort of SpainWon
1524th July, 2013115ZimbabweHarareWon
1616th October, 2013100*AustraliaJaipurWon
1730th October, 2013115*AustraliaNagpurWon
1819th January, 2014123New ZealandNapierLost
1926th February, 2014136BangladeshFatullahWon
2017th October, 2014127West IndiesDharamshalaDrawn
2116th November, 2014139*Sri LankaRanchiLost
2215th February, 2015107PakistanAdelaideLost
2322nd October, 2015138South AfricaChennaiWon
2417th January, 2016117AustraliaMelbourneLost
2520th January, 2016106AustraliaCanberraLost
2623rd October, 2016154*New ZealandMohaliWon
2715th January, 2017122EnglandPuneWon
286th July, 2017111*West IndiesKingstonWon
2931st August, 2017131Sri LankaColomboWon
303rd September, 2017110*Sri LankaColomboWon
3122nd October, 2017121New ZealandMumbaiLost
3229th October, 2017113New ZealandKanpurWon
331st February, 2018112South AfricaDurbanWon
347th February, 2018160*South AfricaCape TownWon
3516th February, 2018129*South AfricaCenturionWon
3621th October, 2018140West IndiesGuwahatiWon
3724th October, 2018157*West IndiesVisakhapatnamTie
3827th October, 2018107West IndiesPuneWon
3915th January, 2019104AustraliaAdelaideWon
405th March, 2019116AustraliaNagpurWon
418th March, 2019123AustraliaRanchiLost
4211th August, 2019120West IndiesPort of SpainWon
4314th August, 2019114*West IndiesPort of SpainWon
4410th December, 2022113BangladeshChattogramWon
4510th January, 2023113Sri LankaGuwahatiWon
4615th January, 2023166Sri LankaThiruvananthapuramWon
4711th September 2023122*PakistanColomboWon
4819th October 2023103*BangladeshPuneWon
495th November 2023101*South AfricaKolkataWon
5015th November 2023117New ZealandMumbaiWon

List of all Virat Kohli’s T20I Centuries

Virat Kohli has scored only one century in T20 Internationals. Kohli’s only T20I hundred came against Afghanistan on 8th September 2022 in the 2022 Asia Cup at the Dubai International Stadium. He scored 122 runs off just 61 balls.

No.DateScoreOpponentLocationIndia’s Match Result
18th September, 2022122*AfghanistanDubaiWon

Virat Kohli Centuries in World Cup

Virat Kohli has played in 36 ODI World Cup matches, scoring 1741 runs at average of 60.03 with 5 hundreds and 11 fifites.

FormatDateScoreOpponentLocationMatch Result
ODI19th February, 2011100*BangladeshMirpurWon
ODI15th February, 2015107PakistanAdelaideWon
ODI19th October, 2023103*BangladeshPuneWon
ODI5th November 2023101*South AfricaKolkataWon
ODI15th November 2023117New ZealandMumbaiWon

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How many centuries does Virat Kohli have in all formats?

As of today, Virat Kohli has made 80 centuries in international cricket — 29 centuries in Test cricket, 50 centuries in ODIs, and 1 century in T20Is. He is the only player to have scored 50 centuries in One Day international cricket.
Here is a List of international cricket centuries by Virat Kohli: 

  • Test Cricket: 29 centuries
  • ODIs: 50 centuries 
  • T20Is: 1 century 

When was Virat Kohli's last ODI century?

Virat Kohli's last century came on November 15, 2023, against New Zealand in a thrilling World Cup match held at the iconic Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

How many double centuries does Virat Kohli have?

Virat Kohli has scored 7 double centuries in international cricket. He scored 3 each in the years 2016 and 2017. His highest Test score of 254* came in 2019 against South Africa at Pune.

How many centuries does Virat Kohli have in ODI?

Virat Kohli has scored 50 centuries in ODI cricket.

What is Virat Kohli’s century count year-wise?

2009 - 1 century; 2010 - 3 centuries; 2011 - 4 centuries; 2012 - 8 centuries; 2013 - 6 centuries; 2014 - 8 centuries; 2015 - 4 centuries; 2016 - 7 centuries; 2017 - 11 centuries; 2018 - 11 centuries; 2019 - 7 centuries; 2022 - 2 centuries, 2023 - 8 centuries.

How many centuries of Virat Kohli in World Cup history?

Virat has played in 4 ODI World Cups and 5 T20 World Cups. He has scored 5 centuries in the ODI World Cup – one in 2011, 2015, and 3 centuries in 2023.

How many centuries does Virat Kohli have in IPL?

Virat Kohli has made 8 IPL centuries, the most centuries of any player in the IPL tournament's history.

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