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Who Is the King of Cricket in the World?

In spite of the T20 World Cup being still a couple of months away, fans have a lot of cricket action to enjoy and see who is the king of cricket in world. There are multiple series going on simultaneously in different parts of the world giving fans plenty to cheer about. The busy schedule teams are having to negotiate requires them to make necessary adjustments to the playing 11. 

So a lot of young budding cricketers are getting their maiden breaks with the national team. While some are failing to make their mark and fading into oblivion, some are able to cement their place by virtue of some spellbinding performances in front of the fans and trying to become the king of cricket.

Who Is The King Of Cricket?

However, in order to be called the king of cricket in world, it is important that players are able to stay at the top for a long time. Given the current demanding nature of the game, it is something that is extremely tough. However, there are a few that have still proved their mettle and have done enough to get that respect from the fans.

In the list below, we discuss 5 such names who can be considered the best and king of cricket in world.

#1 Babar Azam

The Pakistan skipper has proved himself as one of the greatest modern-day batters and has the option of becoming the number 1 in all three formats of the game. Still just 27, Azam is relatively young and dominates the rankings in both ODI and T20 formats. He is placed 3rd in Test cricket with just J. Root and M. Labuschagne ahead of him. Babar Azam averages around 48 in Test cricket, which is complemented with an impressive 59.23 in ODI cricket. He has the skills to adjust according to the demands of the game. A perfect example of that is his 129 plus strike rate in the shortest format of the game. Azam is one belonging to the younger generation of leaders that look set for a bright future and become the best cricketer in the world.

Babar Azam: Batting Statistics

FormatCurrent RankingsMatchesRunsHighest ScoreAverageStrike Rate100s50s
ODI 189444215859.2390.251719

#2 Joe Root  

Having given up his leadership responsibilities, Root is now playing freely, giving opponents reasons to worry. The visiting Indian cricket team found out about Root’s ability when they had a victory snatched away from them by the heroics of the Root-Bairstow pair in the fourth Test of the Pataudi Trophy. He is currently the number one batter in the Test format with 923 points and can truly be called a king of cricket and the game. Root averages over 50 in the ODI format as well and has started finding his groove in T20s too. He has a 120 plus strike rate in the T20s, showing how he adjusts to the demands of the game.

Joe Root: Batting Statistics

FormatCurrent RankingsMatchesRunsHighest ScoreAverageStrike Rate100s50s
ODI 14158620713350.6686.931636

#3 Rohit Sharma

In spite of being 35, the Indian skipper is still regarded as one of the greatest of the game, particularly in the limited-over formats. Sharma plays a high-risk game, not showing any inhibitions against bowlers looking to use bounce against him. Sharma’s cover and straight drives are a joy to watch. Though injuries have played crucial roles in Sharma’s dropping down in ICC rankings, he still hasn’t lost his touch no matter what the format is. 

Sharma has managed to score over 3000 runs in just 45 Test matches at an average of 46.1. A seasoned one-day international campaigner, the veteran right-hander has another 9376 runs to his name in the format. Sharma is currently placed 6th on the ODI batsmen’s list. He could be the difference maker for India in the 2022 T20 World Cup.

Rohit Sharma: Batting Statistics

FormatCurrent RankingsMatchesRunsHighest ScoreAverageStrike Rate100s50s
ODI 6233937626448.5889.182945
Indian T20 League-227587910930.3129.89140

#4 Virat Kohli

There is a reason Kohli has earned the distinction of being called “king Kohli”. King Kohli reigns over the hearts of Indian cricket fans and in spite of his recent dip in form, he is still regarded as one of the greatest of the game. Perhaps no other currently active batter is as technically perfect as Kohli. His cover drives are a joy to watch. Kohli prefers to build his innings and has the temperament to go longer distances. 

He is one of the few batsmen that average over 50 in all 3 formats of the game and can be termed as the king of cricket. Maintaining an average of 57.7 over the course of 250 ODI matches is not an easy task. But Kohli has done that with relative ease. He compliments that with another 49.5 in Tests and 50.1 in T20s. A 137.7 strike rate in the shortest format would be a matter of pride for anyone.

Virat Kohli: Batting Statistics

FormatCurrent RankingsMatchesRunsHighest ScoreAverageStrike Rate100s50s
ODI 52621234418357.6892.844364
Indian T20 League-223662411336.2129.15544

#5 Jasprit Bumrah

The third Indian on the list is 28-year-old right-hand bowler Jasprit Bumrah. One of the few Indian bowlers to have occupied the number one spot in both T20s and ODIs, Bumrah has managed to earn the respect of almost all batters around the world. The Gujarat-born player possesses a unique bowling action but has an excellent idea about line and length. 

He is also a brilliant executor of the yorker, possessing the ability to knock the stumps of any batter in the world. His economy rate in Test cricket is a paltry 2.69. This goes well with 4.63 in ODIs and 6.46 in T20s. Bumrah has managed to get 6 wickets in an innings both in Tests and ODIs.

Jasprit Bumrah: Bowling Statistics

FormatCurrent RankingsMatchesWicketsBest FiguresBowling AverageBowling Strike RateEconomy Rate5W
ODI 2721216/1924.3131.464.642
Indian T20 League-1201455/1023.3118.917.41

There are plenty of others whose names might have been omitted from the list but that doesn’t mean that their credentials are in any way less significant. With cricketers adjusting to the demanding nature of the modern-day game, cricket is only going to see the emergence of many more such kings over the years.

So, according to you Who Is The King Of Cricket?

Note: The upcoming cricket matches involving India and other teams over the next couple of months or so will give selectors an idea as to what their best combinations can be in the T20 World Cup. New faces are coming up and a new style of aggressive batting is being adopted by many.

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