ODI Cricket World Cup Winners

ODI Cricket World Cup Winners List From 1975 to 2023

Australia won a record 6th ODI World Cup title, beating hosts India by 6 wickets in the final of the 2023 Cricket World Cup on Nov 19. The match was played at the Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad. 

The ODI Cricket World Cup is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world of cricket. Since its inception in 1975, the tournament has witnessed some thrilling matches, record-breaking performances, and moments of pure cricketing brilliance. 

The 2023 ODI World Cup was scheduled to be held from 5th October to 19th November 2023 in India. This was the the 13th World Cup tournament.

ODI Cricket World Cup Winners List

Let’s look at all the previous ODI Cricket World Cup winners, runner-ups, highlighting their achievements and contributions to the sport.

YearHostWinnerRunner-upMatch Result
2023IndiaAustraliaIndiaAustralia won by 6 wickets
2019England/WalesEnglandNew ZealandEngland won on boundary count (26-17)
2015Australia/New ZealandAustraliaNew ZealandAustralia won by 7 wickets
2011India/Sri Lanka/BangladeshIndiaSri LankaIndia won by 6 wickets
2007West IndiesAustraliaSri LankaAustralia won by 53 runs
2003South Africa/Zimbabwe/KenyaAustraliaIndiaAustralia won by 125 runs
1999EnglandAustraliaPakistanAustralia won by 8 wickets
1996India/Sri Lanka/PakistanSri LankaAustraliaSri Lanka won by 7 wickets
1992Australia/New ZealandPakistanEnglandPakistan won by 22 runs
1987India/PakistanAustraliaEnglandAustralia won by 7 runs
1983EnglandIndiaWest IndiesIndia won by 43 runs
1979EnglandWest IndiesEnglandWest Indies won by 92 runs
1975EnglandWest IndiesAustraliaWest Indies won by 17 runs

1975: West Indies beat Australia

The first-ever ODI Cricket World Cup was held in England, and the West Indies team emerged as the champions, defeating Australia in the final. Clive Lloyd's captaincy and Vivian Richards' batting prowess were instrumental in the West Indies' victory.

1979: West Indies beat England

West Indies successfully defended their title in the 1979 World Cup, defeating England team in the final. Vivian Richards was once again the star of the tournament, scoring a century in the final and leading his team to victory.

1983: India beat West Indies

In a stunning upset, India, led by Kapil Dev, defeated the mighty West Indies in the final to win their first-ever ODI Cricket World Cup. The Indian team's victory is considered a watershed moment in the history of Indian cricket, as it marked the rise of the sport's popularity in the country.

1987: Australia beat England

Australia won their first ODI Cricket World Cup in 1987, defeating England in a closely contested final. The tournament saw the emergence of Australian cricket as a dominant force in the world, with players like Allan Border and David Boon making significant contributions.

1992: Pakistan beat England

Led by the charismatic Imran Khan, Pakistan team won their first ODI Cricket World Cup in 1992, defeating England in the final. The tournament is remembered for the "cornered tigers" campaign, in which the Pakistani team overcame several challenges to lift the trophy.

1996: Sri Lanka beat Australia

The 1996 ODI Cricket World Cup, co-hosted by India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, saw Sri Lanka emerge as the champions, defeating Australia in the final. Aravinda de Silva's brilliant century in the final played a crucial role in Sri Lanka's victory.

1999: Australia beat Pakistan

Australia won their second ODI Cricket World Cup in 1999, defeating Pakistan in the final. The tournament saw the emergence of several young Australian players, including Shane Warne and Ricky Ponting, who would go on to become legends of the game.

2003: Australia beat India

Australia continued their dominance in the ODI Cricket World Cup, winning their third title in 2003, defeating India team in the final. The Australian team, led by Ricky Ponting, was considered one of the strongest in the history of the sport.

2007: Australia beat Sri Lanka

In the 2007 ODI Cricket World Cup, Australia won their fourth consecutive title, defeating Sri Lanka in the final. The tournament was marred by controversy, with the final being interrupted by rain and the Australian team being awarded the victory based on the Duckworth-Lewis method.

2011: India beat Sri Lanka

India won their second ODI Cricket World Cup in 2011, defeating Sri Lanka in the final. The tournament was significant for being the last World Cup for Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar, who had a stellar performance throughout the event.

2015: Australia beat New Zealand

Australia won their fifth ODI Cricket World Cup in 2015, defeating New Zealand in the final. The tournament saw the emergence of Australian fast bowler Mitchell Starc, who was the leading wicket-taker of the event.

2019: England beat New Zealand

The 2019 ODI Cricket World Cup, held in England and Wales, saw the hosts, England, win their first-ever title, defeating New Zealand in a thrilling super over in the final. The tournament is remembered for its high-scoring matches and the introduction of the super over to decide tied matches.

2023: Australia beat India

In a repeat of the 2003 World Cup Final, Australia took on India in the 2023 Cricket World Cup final. Australia won their sixth title, defeating India team in the final by 6 wickets. The Australian team, led by Pat Cummins, played better cricket than the dominant hosts on the big day and emerged victorious.

Cricket World Cup Winners List: Country Wise

Australia is the most successful country, winning 6 World Cups. India & West Indies are the other two nations to win the World Cup more than once (2 times each). The last 50-over World Cup held in 2023 was won by Australia.

Winning TeamNo. of TitlesYear
Australia6 wins1987, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2015, 2023
India2 wins1983, 2011
West Indies2 wins1975, 1979
Pakistan1 win1992
Sri Lanka1 win1996
England1 win2019

The ODI Cricket World Cup has provided cricket fans with countless moments of joy, excitement, and nail-biting finishes. As we look forward, we can only imagine the new records, heroes, and champions that will emerge, adding to the rich history of this prestigious event.


Who has won the ODI World Cup most times?

Australia has been the most successful team in the World Cup with 6 titles.

Who won the last Cricket World Cup?

Australia won the last Cricket World Cup in 2023. They beat India by 6 wickets.

How many times has India won the World Cup?

India has won the World Cup 2 times - 1983 and 2011.

Who will host the 2027 ODI World Cup?

The 2027 Cricket World Cup will be held in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia.

Which country has never won the World Cup?

New Zealand and South Africa have never won the World Cup. New Zealand finished runner-up twice (2015, 2019) and South Africa reached 4 semifinals (1992, 1999, 2007 and 2015).

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