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Indian T20 League

Indian T20 League : The Journey

The Indian T20 League is a professional twenty20 league in India played annually during the summer by eight franchises representing different states and cities of India. The first edition of the league took place in 2008. Now this league has an exclusive window in the international cricket calendar. Over the years, the quality of cricket in the league has attracted millions of fans and kept them glued to their TV screens. It is now one of the toughest and most-attended cricket leagues in the world.

The 2020 season was postponed due to the pandemic and was later hosted by the UAE in three cities without the presence of viewers at the stadium. The tournament was a mega success and broke all viewership records. One of the biggest attractions of the year, the Indian T20 League is all set to enter its 14th season this year. With a gap of just five months between two editions, the mega auction was postponed for a year. Instead, a mini-auction was held in February for the Indian T20 League 2021.

As the new season of the Indian T20 League approaches nearer, let’s take a look at the league’s history, all its franchises and the winners of the past 13 editions.

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You can pick a minimum of 3 players in the batsmen and bowlers sections. The maximum limit in both sections is six. In the wicket-keeper and all-round sections, you have to pick at least one player.

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Indian T20 League Format

Each team plays with each other twice in a home-and-away round-robin format in the group stage. After the group stage, the top four teams in the points table qualify for play-offs. The format for play-offs is different from the direct knockout format.zing experience, and you can claim huge prizes daily by selecting the best possible XI.

Qualifier 1 1st Placed Team 2nd Placed Team Eliminator 3rd Placed Team 4th Placed Team Qualifier 2 Loser Qualifier 1 Winner Eliminator Final Winner Qualifier 1 Winner Qualifier 2
Teams Participating in the Indian T20 League 2021

There are a total of 8 teams, representing different cities or states of India, that compete against each other in the tournament. The teams are owned by popular Bollywood celebrities, industrialists and other big names of the business world.

The Indian T20 League 2021 will start on 9th of April, and the final is scheduled for 30th of May.

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Sr. No. Match Date Time Location/Stadium
1 Mumbai vs Bangalore April 9, Friday 7.30 PM Chennai
2 Chennai vs Delhi April 10, Saturday 7.30 PM Mumbai
3 Hyderabad vs Kolkata April 11, Sunday 7.30 PM Chennai
4 Rajasthan vs Punjab April 12, Monday 7.30 PM Mumbai
5 Kolkata vs Mumbai April 13, Tuesday 7.30 PM Chennai
6 Hyderabad vs Bangalore April 14, Wednesday 7.30 PM Chennai
7 Rajasthan vs Delhi April 15, Thursday 7.30 PM Mumbai
8 Punjab vs Chennai April 16, Friday 7.30 PM Mumbai
9 Mumbai vs Hyderabad April 17, Saturday 7.30 PM Chennai
10 Bangalore vs Kolkata April 18, Sunday 3:30 PM Chennai
11 Delhi vs Punjab April 18, Sunday 7:30 PM Mumbai
12 Chennai vs Rajasthan April 19, Monday 7.30 PM Mumbai
13 Delhi vs Mumbai April 20, Tuesday 7.30 PM Chennai
14 Punjab vs Hyderabad April 21, Wednesday 3:30 PM Mumbai
15 Kolkata vs Chennai April 21, Wednesday 7.30 PM Mumbai
16 Bangalore vs Rajasthan April 22, Thursday 7.30 PM Mumbai
17 Punjab vs Mumbai April 23, Friday 7.30 PM Chennai
18 Rajasthan vs Kolkata April 24, Saturday 7.30 PM Mumbai
19 Chennai vs Bangalore April 25, Sunday 3.30 PM Mumbai
20 Hyderabad vs Delhi April 25, Sunday 7.30 PM Chennai
21 Punjab vs Kolkata April 26, Monday 7.30 PM Ahmedabad
22 Delhi vs Bangalore April 27, Tuesday 7.30 PM Ahmedabad
23 Chennai vs Hyderabad April 28, Wednesday 7.30 PM Delhi
24 Mumbai vs Rajasthan April 29, Thursday 3.30 PM Delhi
25 Delhi vs Kolkata April 29, Thursday 7.30 PM Ahmedabad
26 Punjab vs Bangalore April 30, Friday 7:30 PM Ahmedabad
27 Mumbai vs Chennai May 1, Saturday 7.30 PM Delhi
28 Rajasthan vs Hyderabad May 2, Sunday 3:30 PM Delhi
29 Punjab vs Delhi May 2, Sunday 7.30 PM Ahmedabad
30 Kolkata vs Bangalore May 3, Monday 7.30 PM Ahmedabad
31 Hyderabad vs Mumbai May 4, Tuesday 7.30 PM Delhi
32 Rajasthan vs Chennai May 5, Wednesday 7.30 PM Delhi
33 Bangalore vs Punjab May 6, Thursday 3.30 PM Ahmedabad
34 Hyderabad vs Chennai May 7, Friday 7.30 PM Delhi
35 Kolkata vs Delhi May 8, Saturday 3.30 PM Ahmedabad
36 Rajasthan vs Mumbai May 8, Saturday 7.30 PM Delhi
37 Chennai vs Punjab May 9, Sunday 3.30 PM Bengaluru
38 Bangalore vs Hyderabad May 9, Sunday 7.30 PM Kolkata
39 Mumbai vs Kolkata May 10, Monday 7.30 PM Bengaluru
40 Delhi vs Rajasthan May 11, Tuesday 7.30 PM Kolkata
41 Chennai vs Kolkata May 12, Wednesday 7.30 PM Bengaluru
42 Mumbai vs Punjab May 13, Thursday 3.30 PM Bengaluru
43 Hyderabad vs Rajasthan May 13, Thursday 7.30 PM Kolkata
44 Bangalore vs Delhi May 14, Friday 3.30 PM Kolkata
45 Kolkata vs Punjab May 15, Saturday 7.30 PM Bengaluru
46 Rajasthan vs Bangalore May 16, Sunday 23.30 PM Bengaluru
47 Chennai vs Mumbai May 16, Sunday 7.30 PM Bengaluru
48 Delhi vs Hyderabad May 17, Monday 7.30 PM Kolkata
49 Kolkata vs Rajasthan May 18, Tuesday 7.30 PM Bengaluru
50 Hyderabad vs Punjab May 19, Wednesday 7.30 PM Bengaluru
51 Bangalore vs Mumbai May 20, Thursday 7.30 PM Kolkata
52 Kolkata vs Hyderabad May 21, Friday 3.30 PM Bengaluru
53 Delhi vs Chennai May 21, Friday 7.30 PM Kolkata
54 Punjab vs Rajasthan May 22, Saturday 7.30 PM Bengaluru
55 Mumbai vs Delhi May 23, Sunday 3.30 PM Kolkata
56 Bangalore vs Chennai May 23, Sunday 7.30 PM Kolkata
57 Qualifier 1 May 25, Tuesday 7.30 PM Ahmedabad
58 Eliminator May 26, Wednesday 7.30 PM Ahmedabad
59 Qualifier 2 May 28, Friday 7.30 PM Ahmedabad
60 FINAL May 30, Sunday 7.30 PM Ahmedabad
Season Winner Runner-up
2008 Rajasthan Chennai
2009 Deccan Bangalore
2010 Chennai Mumbai
2011 Chennai Bangalore
2012 Kolkata Chennai
2013 Mumbai Chennai
2014 Kolkata Punjab
2015 Mumbai Chennai
2016 Hyderabad Bangalore
2017 Mumbai Pune
2018 Chennai Hyderabad
2019 Mumbai Chennai
2020 Mumbai Delhi

The Orange Cap is awarded to the player who scores the most runs in a season. The top scorer wears the cap during matches and the eventual winner keeps the cap until the next season.

Past Winners of the Orange Cap

Season Player Runs
2008 S Marsh (Punjab) 616
2009 M Hayden (Chennai) 572
2010 S Tendulkar (Mumbai) 618
2011 C Gayle (Bangalore) 608
2012 C Gayle (Bangalore) 733
2013 M Hussey (Chennai) 733
2014 R Uthappa (Kolkata) 660
2015 D Warner (Hyderabad) 562
2016 V Kohli (Bangalore) 973
2017 D Warner (Hyderabad) 641
2018 K Williamson (Hyderabad) 735
2019 D Warner (Hyderabad) 692
2020 L Rahul (Punjab) 670

The Purple Cap is awarded to the top wicket taker of a season. The leading wicket taker wears the cap during matches and the eventual winner keeps the cap until the next season.

Past Winners of the Purple Cap:

Season Player Runs
2008 S Tanvir (Rajasthan) 22
2009 R P Singh (Deccan) 23
2010 P Ohja (Deccan) 21
2011 L Malinga (Mumbai) 28
2012 M Morkel (Delhi) 25
2013 D Bravo (Chennai) 32
2014 M Sharma (Chennai) 23
2015 D Bravo (Chennai) 26
2016 B Kumar (Hyderabad) 23
2017 B Kumar (Hyderabad) 26
2018 A Tye (Punjab) 24
2019 I Tahir (Chennai) 26
2020 K Rabada (Delhi) 30

The award was called the "Man of the Tournament" until the 2012 season. The league introduced the “Most Valuable Player” rating system in 2013, the leader of which is named the "Most Valuable Player" at the end of the season.

Past Winners of the MVP Award

Season Player
2008 S Watson (Rajasthan)
2009 A Gilchrist (Deccan)
2010 S Tendulkar (Mumbai)
2011 C Gayle (Bangalore)
2012 S Narine (Kolkata)
2013 S Watson (Rajasthan)
2014 G Maxwell (Punjab)
2015 A Russell (Kolkata)
2016 V Kohli (Bangalore)
2017 B Stokes (Pune)
2018 S Narine (Kolkata)
2019 A Russell (Kolkata)
2020 J Archer (Rajasthan)

The award was called the "Man of the Tournament" until the 2012 season. The league introduced the “Most Valuable Player” rating system in 2013, the leader of which is named the "Most Valuable Player" at the end of the season.

Most Runs

Player Matches Runs S/R Highest Score 100s/50s
Virat Kohli 192 5878 130.73 113 5/39
Suresh Raina 193 5368 137.14 100* 1/38
David Warner 142 5254 141.54 126 4/48
Rohit Sharma 200 5230 130.61 109* 1/39
Shikhar Dhawan 176 5197 126.87 106* 2/41
AB de Villiers 169 4849 151.91 133* 3/38
Chris Gayle 132 4772 150.11 175* 6/31
MS Dhoni 204 4632 136.75 84* 0/23
30 204 4632 136.75 84* 0/23
Robin Uthappa 189 4607 129.99 87 0/24
Gautam Gambhir 154 4217 123.88 93 0/26

Most Centuries

Player Centuries
Chris Gayle 6
Virat Kohli 5
Shane Watson 4
David Warner 4
AB de Villiers 4

Most Half Centuries

Player Half Centuries
David Warner 48
Shikhar Dhawan 41
Virat Kohli 39
Rohit Sharma 39
Suresh Raina 38
AB de Villiers 38

Most Sixes

Player Sixes Hit
Chris Gayle 349
AB de Villiers 235
MS Dhoni 216
Rohit Sharma 213
Kieron Pollard 198
David Warner 195
Suresh Raina 194
Shane Watson 190
Shane Watson 190

Highest Individual Scores

Player Highest Score Year
Chris Gayle 175* 2013
Brendon McCullum 158* 2008
AB de Villiers 133* 2015
KL Rahul 132* 2020
Rishabh Pant 128* 2018
Murali Vijay 127 2010
David Warner 126 2017
Virender Sehwag 122 2014
Paul Valthaty 120* 2011
Shane Watson 117* 2018

Most Wickets in the League

Player Matches Wickets Economy Best Bowling 5W4/W
Lasith Malinga 170 7.14 5/13 1/6 1/6
Amit Mishra 150 160 7.34 5/17 1/3
Piyush Chawla 164 156 7.87 4/17 0/2
Dwayne Bravo 140 153 8.4 4/22 0/2
Harbhajan Singh 160 150 7.05 5/18 1/1
Ravichandran Ashwin 154 138 6.87 5/34 0/1
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 121 136 7.23 5/19 1/2
Sunil Narine 120 127 6.77 5/19 1/6
Yuzvendra Chahal 99 121 7.67 4/25 0/2
Umesh Yadav 121 119 8.51 4/24 4/24

Best Bowling Figures

Player Best Figures Year
Alzarri Joseph 6/12 2019
Sohail Tanvir 6/14 2008
Anil Kumble 5/5 2009
Ishant Sharma 5/12 2011
Lasith Malinga 5/13 2011
Ankit Rajpoot 5/14 2018
James Faulkner 5/16 2013
Ravidra Jadeja 5/16 2012
Amit Mishra 5/17 2008

Most Catches

Player Catches Taken
Dinesh Karthik 110
MS Dhoni 109
Parthiv Patel 66
Naman Ojha 65
Robin Uthappa 58

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Indian T20 fantasy  league is an online game. You can create virtual teams by selecting real players from both the teams playing a match. Your picks will help you score points based on their real-time performance in the real match, such as scoring runs, picking wickets, taking catches, batting strike rate, low bowling economy rate, and number of fours and sixes. 

You have to select the best team for the Indian fantasy league. There are plenty of contests for every match. Select your teams, participate in contests and win big!

The Indian T20 League 2021 will start on 9th of April, and the final is scheduled for 30th of May.

You can select from 4 categories of players -- wicket keepers, batsmen, all-rounders and bowlers -- as follows:

Most Catches

Category Minimum Number Maximum Number
Wicketkeeper 1 3
Batsmen 3 6
All-Rounders 1 3
Bowlers 3 6

You can have any number of combinations from the table above, within the minimum and maximum criteria. The total number of players must be 11 and credits used should be 100 or less.

Howzat is undoubtedly the best and most trusted fantasy app in India to play the India fantasy league online. The platform offers you an amazing experience, and you can win huge prizes by picking the best possible eleven.

Howzat also provides you with the best updates on the 2021 Indian T20 League, such as players’ availability, probable XI, match previews, pitch and weather report, etc. So don’t wait anymore. Select your teams and win now!

It is very easy to play Indian fantasy premier league on the Howzat fantasy app. Download and install the app, choose a match, select your own fantasy team and join a contest to start playing.

The Indian T20 Premier League requires a good knowledge of players and analytical skills to win. Millions of users play the Indian Fantasy League on Howzat. The first thing is to choose a match and then make your picks according to the game plan. The participant whose team scores the most fantasy points wins.

We have some match tips for you to maximize your chances of winning Indian T20 fantasy league. Check them out below:

  1. Pick more top-order batsmen in the short format of the game. Top-order batsmen are likely to play more deliveries and make more runs.
  2. Try to select a good number of all-rounders for your team to earn points from both batting and bowling. All-rounders will get you points with both bat and ball. If the player fails with the bat, he/she can earn points with the ball in the second innings.
  3. Go for a good mixture of experienced and new players in your team. Howzat provides the details of each player with the fantasy points scored by them in recent matches and you can pick out your best picks from that.
  4. Choose your captain and vice captain wisely. Your success often depends on these two picks. As your captain and vice captain you should pick an all-rounder or an in-form batsman. If a wicketkeeper batsman or a bowler is in good form, try to pick him/her as your captain or vice captain.
  5. Read Howzat blog posts for a detailed analysis of the game, which includes the team previews, pitch reports, key players and probable XI, etc. It will also help you to create the best fantasy team.

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